Weekly UK 3-Bet: Boatman Rogue, Women Bet, Lock of the Week

Ross Boatman
Ross Boatman finds himself playing the heavy in this week's UK 3-Bet.

The PokerListings Weekly UK 3-Bet is a loosely choreographed, 1990s-style fight scene pitting one against four in the dimly-lit poker news back alley.

Any suggestions for the 3-Bet can be left in the comments.

Today we bring you Ross Boatman's triumphant return to the silver screen, surprising new numbers on UK women's online betting habits plus a new sports-betting tip service brought to you by British poker legends Neil Channing and Joe Beevers.

1) Ross Boatman Goes Rogue in New Gangster Film

Hendon Mobster Ross Boatman is back in film in the new Chris Bell and Nelson Adeosun gangster tale Three Stops Down from Plaistow.

The movie, which is scheduled for release in May 2013, is Boatman’s first role of the New Year where he plays the part of the rogue Charlie.

Surprisingly, at least to us, Boatman has his fans, as this young lady proves on the movie's Facebook page.

“Excellent a very underrated actor. I use to fancy him in London’s Burning. I rem [sic] when he came to our casino showroom to film a scene arrrh 8xx”

It seems that Boatman still has sex appeal! But if he’s going to play the hard man, let’s hope he's learned to fight!

2) UK Women Boost Online Gambling Profits

The Daily Mail reported this week that the number of middle-class women gambling on the internet is soaring in the UK.

According to industry-analysts GamblingData women gambling online is up by one-third.

The site points to an increase in television commercials promoting online gambling as the reason for women spending more money on virtual wagers. In 2007 a ban on advertising online gambling in the UK was lifted.

The industry's profits are also being boosted by an increase in gambling on mobile devices.

Says the Daily Mail:

Neil Channing
Neil Channing

Nearly one million people are at risk of becoming problem gamblers as internet gaming allows them to bet excessively without the "social stigma", experts warned.

Campaigners fear gambling is now as serious a problem as alcoholism and have called for changes to protect children from aggressive adverts and promotions for gaming sites.

Read the full article from the Daily Mail here.

3) Beevers, Channing to Unveil Sports-Betting Crystal Ball

Another Hendon Mobster has been in the news this week.

Joe "The Elegance" Beevers has joined forces with Neil Channing to introduce the Betting Emporium, a sports betting and tipping website due for launch in the very near future.

The UK poker legends believe there is a gap in the market when it comes to sports-betting education, and the Betting Emporium is their attempt to fill it.

It’s hoped that the site will be unveiled in March with the release of a UK football-tipping service. According to Beevers and Channing the system has been profitable for the last four years.

If anyone is interesting in working with Neil and Joe, or has any comments or suggestions, contact them at info(at)bettingemporium.com.

And to celebrate their upcoming launch, here's Beevers getting absolutely crushed by David “DevilFish” Ulliott on the first series of Late Night Poker.

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