High-Stakes Report: Ivey Goes God-Mode, Kostritsyn Falls

Phil Ivey
Still the boss.

No doubt about it, Phil Ivey is back.

No one has been more active in the high-stakes games than Ivey over the last week and no one has won as much.

Ivey is leading a group of four Germans in the weekly profits table.

At the other end of the spectrum Alexander Kostritsyn took a beating for what seems like the first time this year.

Kostritsyn Finds His Master

Alexander Kostritsyn
Trouble for Alexander Kostritsyn

Phil Ivey is now 38 years old.

In online poker, that’s positively ancient. However, with over $15 million in profits he's also still the biggest online winner of all time -- and that’s despite him losing money since Black Friday.

In other words Ivey is still the champion of the nosebleed limits.

In November he has been showing his skills as an all-around player and demonstrated that he's still a force to be reckoned with. Even for those who seem untouchable.

One of these untouchables is Alexander Kostritsyn. The man from Moscow has had such an amazing run this year there seemed to be no stopping him.

He was nearing the $4m profit mark for 2014 as PostFlopAction, and as joiso he made another $1m. Kostritsyn finally met his match this week.

He lost almost $500k, most of which was at mixed-game tables with $1,500/$3,000 limits.

Ivey said he came back “bored” from Macau and that he was now looking for some real action. He was getting plenty of it in the last couple of days.

Last week, he took some of the money he won from Kostritsyn and paid a visit to the nosebleed NLHE tables.

This immediately attracted the sharks like Alexander IReadYrSoul Millar, Denoking and HelicopterBen82. They were not going to feed on him, though.

Instead it was Ivey who made a profit. $300k last week meant that Ivey might still make the plus zone for 2014.

Thuritz and The Cortster Drop

Ivey could have ended the week with a significantly larger profit if it hadn’t been for nemesis Julius KagomeKagome Fleischer.

The German took a six-figure number from Phil Ivey at $2k/$4k Triple Draw and also finished the week with a nice profit.

Three players are chasing Ivey on the leaderboard ahead of Fleischer: SanIker, bbvisbadforme and Luke "lb121" Schwartz.

Cort Kibler-Melby was not able to follow this time. Missing a chance to overtake Kostritsyn and become the most profitable player of the year, he lost a little more than $100k.

Largest Pot of the Week

Mikael Thuritz
Mikael Thuritz

With an impressive 7,000 hands played, it is no surprise that Phil Ivey was also involved in the biggest online hand last week.

The biggest pot that wasn’t split, that is. Because that $160k pot was shared between Ivey and Mikael Thuritz. But in the following hand, Ivey straight up lost a massive pot.

Phil Polarizing Ivey and Mikael punting-peddler Thuritz were playing $300/$600 PLO, a little higher than usual. Thuritz raised to $1,800 and Ivey 3-bet to $5,400. Thuritz called and the flop fell


Ivey took the lead and bet out $6,600, butThuritz raised it up to $19k. Ivey moved all-in and Thuritz called. Turn and river were dealt


and we were going to showdown.

Phil Ivey:        

Mikael Thuritz:        

Thuritz found a set on the flop, but Ivey had plenty of outs to a straight and even more to a flush on the turn.

Eventually Thuritz faded all the outs and won the full $129k pot. Unfortunately for him, that wasn’t enough to turn his negative result for the week around.

Leaderboard and Loserboard

Biggest Winners of the Week

Phil Polarizing Ivey, $+314,189

bbvisbadforme: $+199,000

SanIker: $+156,354

lb6121: $+130,777

Julius KagomeKagome Fleischer: $+123,720

Biggest Losers of the Week

Alexander PostflopAction Kostritsyn: $-470,027

Mikael punting-peddler Thuritz (FT): $-290,952

Mikael ChaoRen160 Thuritz (PS): $-115,750

Cort thecortster Kibler-Melby: $-102,823

Exclusive: $-101,735 

Biggest Winners in 2014

Alexander PostflopAction Kostritsyn: $+3,230,862

Cort thecortster Kibler-Melby: $+2,804,779

Dan jungleman12 Cates: $+2,807,509

Mikael Punting-Peddler Thuritz: $+2,280,283

Niklas Ragen70 Heinecker: $+1,773,557

Biggest Losers in 2014

Chun samrostan Lei Zhou: $-6,659,033

Gus Hansen: $-5,522,853

Phil Polarizing Ivey: $-2,070,589

Julius KagomeKagome Fleischer: $-1,826,885

Viktor Isildur1 Blom: $-1,395,340

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Jules 2014-11-23 17:03:51

lb6121 is not a mystery player. It's Luke Schwartz.

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