Weekly Freerolls: Over $43k in cash to be won

Cash Flow

Thanks to the upcoming $25k freeroll on PokerStars, PokerListings players will have a shot at over $43k in freeroll cash this month.

The majority of freerolls exclusive to PokerListings players are monthly events requiring players to qualify a month in advance.

By playing this month on your favorite site as a PokerListings player, you'll be able to secure your seat in next month's free tournaments.


The following freerolls are open to all PokerListings.com players. Qualify in the specified qualification period, then take your seat to win a fistful of free cash.

If you're not a PokerListings registered player on any of the following sites, click on the site's name in the list to sign up. Getting your free seat in the tournament can be just as simple as that.

Titan Poker

Titan offers PokerListings player monthly freerolls with an impressive $5,000 prize pool. Only 25 points are needed to qualify.

  • Date: Oct. 4, 19:00 GMT
  • Value: $5,000
  • Qualify with: 25 points

Full Tilt

Full Tilt offers weekly freerolls to all PokerListings players. Qualify with 200 points earned the week before the event to grab your seat.

  • Date: Oct. 10, 13:00 EST
  • Value: $3,000
  • Qualify with: 200 points
  • Qualify between: Oct 3 - Oct 9

Paddy Power Poker

Paddy Power offers monthly freerolls with a $500 value. All PokerListings players are welcome, just deposit and play.

  • Date: Oct. 28, 21:00 GMT
  • Value: $500
  • Qualify with: Deposit and Play

Betfair Poker

A $3,000 freeroll is set for PokerListings players on Betfair Poker. Qualify this month for your seat.

  • Date: Nov. 15, 19:00 GMT
  • Value: $3,000
  • Qualify with: Deposit and play
  • Qualify between: Oct 1 - Oct 31

Have you qualified?

The following freerolls are coming up soon, but the qualification periods are over. If you've met the qualification requirements, make sure to grab your seat.

Absolute Poker

Absolute Poker offers a $5,000 monthly freeroll to PokerListings players. Play just 100 raked hands in the month prior to the event for your seat. Qualification is on now for November's freeroll.

  • Date: Oct. 10, 15:00 EST
  • Value: $5,000
  • Qualify with: 100 raked hands
  • Qualify between: Sept 1 - Sept 30

Sportsbook Poker

For first-time depositors only. Sportsbook poker offers a monthly freeroll with $2,000 awarded to the winners in cash. Register and deposit this month for your free seat in November.

  • Date: Oct. 11, 19:00 EST
  • Value: $2,000
  • Qualify with: Deposit and play
  • Qualify between: Sep 1 - Sep 30


Another massive $25k freeroll is on the way from PokerStars. If you collected 250 points in September as a PokerListings player, be sure to claim your seat now.

  • Date: Oct. 24, 15:00 EST
  • Value: $25,000
  • Qualify with: 250 points
  • Qualify between: Sept 1 - Sept 30

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