Weekly Freerolls: New World Order

Money Money Money Monaay (*Monay!*)

It’s been a rough week for online poker players but PokerListings still has a ton of value-packed free tournaments up for grabs.

This week you can look forward to the Cake Poker $500 freeroll on Saturday and the 888poker weekly $500 freeroll scheduled for Tuesday.

888poker recently doubled all the guarantees for its tournaments so there’s never been a better time to sign up for the site.

Betfair is also running its new $304 freeroll for PokerListings players next Friday so make sure you've earned at least 10 player points in the previous week.

Meanwhile May will usher in several new freerolls including a William Hill Poker $2,500 freeroll on May 7. If you’re a PokerListings player it takes just 10 William Hill points to buy in.

If you're not a PL.com registered player on any of the following online poker sites, click on the site's name in the list to sign up.

Cake Poker

Cake Poker is running a $500 freeroll on Saturday for new and existing players.

  • Date: April 23
  • Value: $500
  • Qualify with: New deposit
  • Qualify between: Any time before April 23
  • Sign up here


888poker is running their weekly $500 freeroll for PokerListings players on April 26.

  • Date: April 26
  • Value: $500
  • Qualify with: Deposit and earn 2 FPP in the previous week.
  • Sign up here

Betfair Poker

Betfair is now running a weekly freeroll for PokerListings players that takes place every Friday.

  • Date: April 29
  • Value: $304
  • Qualify with: Earn 10 player points in the previous week
  • Sign up here

William Hill Poker

William Hill is running an exclusive $2.5k freeroll for PokerListings players in the first week of May.

  • Date: May 7
  • Value: $2,500
  • Buy-in: 10 William Hill Points
  • Sign up here

Titan Poker

Titan Poker is running a monthly $2,000 freeroll for PokerListings players.

  • Date: May 12
  • Value: $2,000
  • Qualify with: 17 Titan points
  • Sign up here


  • PokerListings players have access to exclusive monthly $2,000 freerolls on PartyPoker.
  • Date: May 15
  • Value: $2,000
  • Qualify with: 100 Party Points Earned
  • Qualify between: April 1-31
  • Sign up here


Poker770 is hosting an exclusive $1,000 freeroll for PL.com players.

  • Date: May 15
  • Value: $1,000
  • Qualify with: New deposit
  • Qualify between: Any day before May 15
  • Sign up here

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