Weekend charity tournament at UltimateBet

Annie Duke

Play poker, support a charity for the humanitarian crisis in Darfur and win sweet electronics and gadgets all at the same time.

Tonight at UltimateBet you get to be just like James Bond, minus the espionage, murder and serial adultery with the world's sexiest vixens. Other than that - BOND!

Mukesh Kapila (formerly a director in the Department of Health Action in Crises of the World Health Organization) called Darfur the "world's greatest humanitarian crisis" in March 2004, saying:

"There is debate about whether we had genocide in Darfur or not, but certainly in my mind, and the mind of many, many people, I think there is very little doubt that what went on in Darfur in 2003 and the early part of 2004 was certainly genocide. We can argue the words, but that would be no consolation to those people who are affected."

As part of the Ante Up for Africa charity, UltimateBet encourages its players to play in the $2+$0 unlimited rebuy event where 100% of all funds acquired will be donated directly to the charity.

In 2008 Ultimate bet held a live charity tournament at the Aruba Poker Classic, as well as providing users multiple ways to use their player points to donate to the cause.

Players contributing to the event won't be playing for bragging rights alone, as UB has contributed over $2,500 worth of electronic gadgets and merchandise to the prize pool, including:

  • Xbox 360 Elite system
  • iPod touch (32GB)
  • Sony Handycam Camcorder
  • Nintendo DS
  • Seat in UltimateBet's $200k Guaranteed Texas Hold'em tournament
  • Sony 8" Portable DVD Player
  • Bluetooth laser virtual keyboard
  • iOmega external hard drive
  • Aero bed tailgater chair
  • Several poker-branded T-shirts

"UltimateBet is once again inviting players to make a big difference through a charity poker tournament that's incredibly rewarding on so many levels and I'm honored to be a part of it," stated Annie Duke, Cardroom Consultant for UltimateBet and cofounder of Ante Up for Africa. "There's no better time than the holidays to do something good."

Be sure to sign up before the start time of 7:30pm ET, and get yourself in on the action. Do something you love, while helping the people who may need it the most.

If you're not a member of UltimateBet.com, follow this link to sign up and join the action. Along with the ability to contribute to the charity, you can take advantage of multiple sign-up bonuses and all the perks of playing on one of the world's leading poker sites.

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