WCOOP Event #7, a $350K Pot-Limit tourney

The World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) held its seventh event on Saturday, September 10th, boasting a buy-in of $500 + $30 and a guaranteed $350,000 prize pool.

The final 9 competitors sat down at the final table in the following seat position with the following chip count:

1. Az nutnut (Phoenix, AZ) $323,474
2. fat&50 (Royal Oak, MI) $287,941
3. celentan1o (Moscow, Russia) $577,920
4. TillerMaN (Glasgow, United Kingdom) $426,149
5. Hold_emNL (Edison, NJ) $375,246
6. Caleros (Clemson, SC) $173,442
7. Birdman266 (Las Vegas, NV) $415,365
8. kwil20 (Delta, BC, Canada) $162,741
9. NOXQZEZ (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) $220,222

As final table play progressed, the first player to get knocked out was Az nutnut. He was followed by Hold_emNL, TillerMaN, Birdman266, Caleros, fat&50, celentan1o, and NOXQZEZ, leaving Canadian kwil20 as the first place winner.

Final table results are as follows:

1st kwil20 (Delta, BC, Canada) $114,000.00
2nd NOXQZEZ (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) $78,400.00
3rd celentan1o (Moscow, Russia) $92,000.00
4th fat&50 (Royal Oak, MI) $38,512.50
5th Caleros (Clemson, SC) $31,402.50
6th Birdman266 (Las Vegas, NV) $25,477.50
7th TillerMaN (Glasgow, United Kingdom) $19,552.50
8th Hold_emNL (Edison, NJ) $13,627.50
9th Az nutnut (Phoenix, AZ) $8,887.50

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