WCOOP Event #6: Limit Hold'em

The World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) held its sixth event on Friday, September 9th. The tournament boasted a buy-in of $200 + $15 and a guaranteed $150,000 prize pool.

The final 9 competitors sat down at the final table in the following seat position, with the following chip count:

1. GINGER KING (Malton, United Kingdom) $254,454
2. KaiserShosa (Encino, CA) $395,770
3. barr_b2 (Columbus, OH) $230,557
4. ActionJeff (Norfolk, MA) $544,289
5. davmcg (Glasgow, United Kingdom) $527,122
6. Lenny (Long Beach, CA) $75,877
7. bdawg31 (Mechanicsburg, PA) $198,611
8. DANICA (Copenhagen, Denmark) $580,938
9. Mackas (Newtownabbey, United Kingdom) $1,644,882

As final table play progressed, the first player to get knocked out was Lenny. He was followed by barr_b2, GINGER KING, DANICA, KaiserShosa, bdawg31, Mackas, and davmcg, leaving ActionJeff as first place winner.

The results for the final table are as follows:

1st ActionJeff (Norfolk, MA) $50,000.00
2nd davmcg (Glasgow, United Kingdom) $42,387.00
3rd Mackas (Newtownabbey, United Kingdom) $43,000.00
4th bdawg31 (Mechanicsburg, PA) $42,000.00
5th KaiserShosa (Encino, CA) $18,166.20
6th DANICA (Copenhagen, Denmark) $14,248.00
7th GINGER KING (Malton, United Kingdom) $10,686.00
8th barr_b2 (Columbus, OH) $7,408.96
9th Lenny (Long Beach, CA) United States $4,879.94

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