WCOOP Event #5 finishes after more than 15 hours

The World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) held its fifth event last Thursday, September 8th. The No-Limit Hold'em w/ re-buys tournament boasted a buy-in of $200 + $15 and a guaranteed $700,000 prize pool.

After more than 15 hours of play, the 9 final table competitors readied themselves for the final face off. The line-up included Joe Sebok, aka fidallio, who is the pro playing son of poker legend Barry Greenstein. Sebok made two final tables at the 2005 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas this past summer.

The seat position and chip count at the start of final table play were as follows:

1. Carlos_dk (Norresundby, Denmark) $1,146,650
2. kamsa (Heights, MI) $458,551
3. Dead Cat (Summerlin, NV) td> $1,445,644
4. genoa_st (Emeryville, CA) $1,280,012
5. fidallio (San Francisco, CA) $2,375,480
6. yoda777 (Berkshire, United Kingdom) $1,501,727
7. Maksflaks (Bergen, Norway) $4,042,580
8. PokerSavage1 (Los Angeles, CA) $650,408
9. n1stunnor (Humboldt, CA) $731,448

As final table play progressed, the first player to get knocked out was fidallio. He was followed by kamsa Madison, Carlos_dk, Dead Cat, PokerSavage1, yoda777, n1stunnor, and Maksflaks, leaving genoa_st as Event #5's first place champion. He collected a cash prize of $187,166.20.

The results for the final table are as follows:

1st genoa_st (Emeryville, CA) $187,166.20
2nd Maksflaks (Bergen, Norway) $115,422.18
3rd n1stunnor (Humboldt, CA) $81,500.00
4th yoda777 (Berkshire, United Kingdom) $80,000.00
5th PokerSavage1 (Los Angeles, CA) $81,500.00
6th Dead Cat (Summerlin, NV) $38,524.40
7th Carlos_dk (N0rresundby, Denmark) $29,153.60
8th kamsa Madison (Heights, MI) $20,824.00
9th fidallio (San Francisco, CA) $13,535.60

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