WCOOP Event #12, a Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo guaranteed tourney

The World Championship of Online Poker's (WCOOP) Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo Event #12 offered up a guaranteed prize pool $150K. However, with a buy-in of $500 + $30 and field of 529 participants, the prize pool ended up at $264,000 and paid out to 56 places.

The tournament began on Thursday, September 15th at 3 p.m. (EST) and ran until 2:35 a.m. (EST) on Friday, September 16th. All players began with a chip stack of $2,500. The final table boasted 8 players, including WSOP bracelet winning pros Chris Moneymaker and Scott Fischman. The chip count and seat position at the start of final table play was as follows:

1. chuiwon (El Cajon, CA) $63,232
2. emptyseat88 (Henderson, NV) $166,532
3. yamaha r 1 (Park Ridge, IL) $177,679
4. Consagres (Severna Park, MD) $100,179
5. Bunsen (Tempe, AZ) $389,080
6. Money800 (Bellevue, TN) $297,919
7. I_eatt2loud (Davis, CA) $51,753
8. Clockwork (Los Angeles, CA) $76,126

As final table play progressed, chuiwon was knocked out first, followed by Consagres, Clockwork, I_eatt2loud and yamaha r 1. At that point, the 3 players remaining at the final table were Money800 (Chris Moneymaker), emptyseat88 (Scott Fischman) and Bunsen (Matt Mortensen), who held a slight chip lead over the two pros.

The WSOP champions were willing to do an even three-way chop but Bunsen was not down. Telling the table he regularly plays 12 hours of Stud Hi-Lo a day, he admitted to playing $30/$60 Stud Hi-Lo for a living having recently left college to pursue an online Stud career. Bunsen's Stud expertise provided him with an advantage over the two Hold'em pros and soon Money800 was knocked out in third place. Heads-up play continued between emptyseat88 and Bunsen, with emptyseat88 refusing a chop.

The final table results are as follows:

1st Bunsen (Tempe, AZ) $66,125.00
2nd emptyseat88 (Henderson, NV) $39,675.00
3rd Money800 (Bellevue, TN) $25,497.80
4th yamaha r 1 (Park Ridge, IL) $18,515.00
5th I_eatt2loud (Davis, CA) $14,547.50
6th Clockwork (Los Angeles, CA) $11,902.50
7th Consagres (Severna Park, MD) $9,257.50
8th chuiwon (El Cajon, CA) $6,612.50

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