WCOOP Event #1 final table results

The World Championship of Online Poker's first event was a No-Limit Hold'em tournament with a buy-in of $500 and a prize pool of over $1.5 million.

The tournament, which took place in the afternoon on Sunday, September 4th, hosted 3,062 players, many of whom won their seats through satellite events, and lasted into the early morning hours. First place offered a pay out of $306,000 and all players began with a chip stack of $2,500.

When the surviving nine players sat down to play at the final table, the seat position and chip count was as follows:

1 MrSuperlove (Staten Island, NY) $547,095
2 fixedset (Nashua, NH) $578,176
3 ziggy47 (Lewis Center, OH) $348,382
4 toprose (Las Vegas, NV) 1,873,484
5 bobcubed (Port Orchard, WA) $559,838
6 bibb (Carson, CA) $719,936
7 mrrain (Omaha, NE) $761,596
8 Snow Leopard (Downey, CA) $1,658,085
9 majic1111 (Fort Collina, CO) $608,408

The first player to be knocked out was majic1111, next out was bobcubed, followed by MrSuperLove, ziggy47, bibb, fixedset, mrrain, then toprose, leaving Snow Leopard in first place.

The final table results are as follows:

1stSnow Leopard (Downey, CA) $306,200
2nd toprose (Las Vegas, CA) $183,720
3rd mrrain (Omaha, NE) $114,825
4th fixedset (Nashua, NH) $88,798
5th bibb (Carson, CA) $68,895
6th ziggy47 (Lewis Center, OH) $53,585
7th MrSuperlove (Staten Island, NY) $39,806
8th bobcubed (Port Orchard, WA) $27,558
9th majic1111 (Fort Collins, CO) $16,534

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