Cardinal7 wins $68k in WCOOP Event 7

The Prize Money

Event 7 of the 2007 PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP), $200 Limit Texas Hold'em, lasted for a little over 16 hours. In the end, Cardinal7 defeated TheMasterJ33 heads-up to win the title and almost $68k in prize money.

The heads-up battle between the two American players was a tough one, and the chip lead swung back and forth. Finally, Cardinal7 got the upper hand, and thanks to aggressive play he managed to put his opponent in a very difficult position.

The final hand of the event saw a lot of betting, both pre-flop and when the community cards were out on the table.

Short-stacked, TheMasterJ33 decided to play his A-5 hard, but he didn't get any help from the board. Instead, he found himself losing to a hand he had dominated to begin with. Cardinal7 sat with A-3, and the pair of threes he made on the flop was enough to win the hand and the tournament.

According to the original payout schedule the winner should have received over $80k, but a two-way deal was made and Cardinal7 had to settle for $67,933.49 instead. Runner-up TheMasterJ33 got $53,629.87 instead of just over $40k.

The final-table results were:

Place Name Country Prize
1st Cardinal7 United States $67,933.49
2nd TheMasterJ33 United States $53,629.87
3rd PapaPapsilon Germany $28,990.72
4th superbrono Slovenia $23,472.60
5th lilholdem954 United States $18,407.46
6th Itchy United States $13,877.66
7th 011180 United States $9,759.66
8th cfinnn Canada $6,053.46
9th Nirvana76 Netherlands $3,623.84

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