WCOOP 2013 Worth Losing Sleep Over

Roy Bhasin 001
PokerStars Team Online's Roy Bhasin is going to great lengths to get ready for WCOOP.

The 12th annual World Championship of Online Poker begins this weekend on PokerStars and depending where you live in the world, you might have to trade some sleep to get in on the action.

One player who won't be letting the WCOOP get in the way of his sleep schedule is PokerStars Team Online's Roy Bhasin.

The pro known as GodlikeRoy online will be playing from Australia and he told PokerListings.com that he's been training himself to sleep from noon until 7pm in preparation for the upcoming series.

“It's actually not affecting me that much,” Bhasin explained.

“Since I'm still awake for most of the morning I can have breakfast and get outside. When I wake up in the evening there's still time to enjoy the night, have a late dinner and get to work.”

Bhasin will be one of thousands of players logging on from around the world for a piece of the $40 million in guaranteed prizes.

The big payouts and larger Pot-Limit Omaha events were enough to pry Bhasin away from his usual cash-games, not to mention completely up-end his daily routine.

WCOOP 2011 main event final table
The WCOOP Main Event is one of the year's biggest online poker tournaments.

“I usually look through the schedule, pick out the events I want to play and then work out my sleep schedule to be awake for those and still be able to play my cash game sessions alongside them,” said Bhasin.

The 2013 WCOOP consists of 66 separate events beginning September 8 and concluding with the $8 million guaranteed Main Event September 29.

Last year amateur Russian player Marateik qualified for the WCOOP Main Event with just 40 frequent player points and went on to win the tounament and take home over $1 million.

To get in on the action sign up for a PokerStars account through PokerListings.com and get your guaranteed world-best signup bonus.

Check Out Shaun Deeb Playing WCOOP 2012

If sleeping during the day and grinding all night seems like an inconvenience just consider that some players have had to relocate their entire lives in order to play online.

One year ago PokerListings.com traveled to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico to shoot this short documentary with online poker legend Shaun Deeb as he competed in the WCOOP Main Event.

Deeb has an astounding $5.6 million in earnings from playing tournaments like WCOOP and he was gracious enough to let us into his home to observe how he does it.

Watch the short poker documentary below for an inside look at one of the best online tournament players in the world, and click here to check out more Easy Game short videos.

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