WayneyG takes seat 16 in Tournament Titan

The regulars at Titan Poker are proving they're great at seizing opportunity when it presents itself. U.K. player Wayne Gardiner - "WayneyG" - is the latest to do so, grabbing seat 16 of 20 for the $1 million Tournament Titan.

In the qualifying stages for a few months now, the $1 million sit-and-go - capped at 20 seats in total - will let none of its qualifiers walk away with less than $25,000.

The winner takes a $200,000 package that includes $164,000 in cash, a $12K package to the 2007 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event and entry to two additional World Poker Tour (WPT) tournaments.

Gardiner became lucky number 16 this week, finishing at the final table three times in a row in $2,500 tournaments, and pushed the starting date - which will be announced when all 20 players have qualified - ever closer.

"Never in my whole life will I get a better opportunity to prove myself in front of the whole world," Gardiner said, "so I will do my best to grasp it."

For more information on the Tournament Titan and its eligible qualifying tournaments, visit Titan Poker.

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