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Watch EPT Vienna (S10) Live Stream Right Here!

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22 March 2014
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A record-smashing Eureka Poker Tour main event led into Season 10's EPT Vienna stop in grand style this week with over 1,400 players.

Live streaming for EPT Vienna gets underway Sunday with bonus cards-up final table coverage of the Eureka Main Event.

Daily feature-table coverage of the EPT Vienna main event picks up on Monday with Day 1b and continues right through until Saturday when the champ is crowned.

Commentary as always will be provided by James Hartigan, Joe Stapleton and special guests. Catch the coverage right here on PokerListings every day!

Click through/read on for the full webcast schedule.

Webcast Schedule:

  • 03/23/Eureka Main Event Final Table - Cards Up
  • START TIME: 13:00 CET
  • END TIME Down to winner
    • 03/24/EPT Vienna Main Event DAY 1B
    • START TIME: 15:00 CET
    • END TIME: APPROX. 00:30 CET
      • 03/25/EPT Vienna Main Event DAY 2
      • START TIME: 12:00 CET
      • END TIME: APPROX. 20:15 CET
        • 03/26/EPT Vienna Main Event DAY 3
        • START TIME: 12:00 CET
        • END TIME: APPROX. 21:00 CET
          • 03/27/EPT Vienna Main Event DAY 4
          • START TIME: 12:00 CET
          • END TIME: 21:00 CET
            • 03/28/EPT Vienna Main Event DAY 5
            • START TIME: 12:00 CET
            • END TIME: Down to 8 players
              • 03/29/EPT Vienna Main Event DAY 6 – Cards-up w/ 1-Hour Delay
              • START TIME: 13:00 CET
              • END TIME: Down to Winner

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