Watch Dominik Nitsche Play Cards in 360° Video at 888Live Aspers

dominik nitsche2
Dom in panorama.

When 888poker pro Dominik Nitsche played the media event at the opening of 888poker’s branded poker room at Aspers Casino in London in March, something was different.

Nitsche’s approach to strategy was the same, of course, as were his typical wit and jocularity.

What was different this time was the battery of Go-Pro cameras strategically arranged around him to record the experience in panoramic, 360° form.

"I Usually Get Very Lucky"

The camera technique was unique, at least in terms of poker. Not only can you see Nitsche’s hole cards, you can also follow his thoughts both on the cards and his opponents.

The whole apparatus was mounted next to Nitsche when he started playing in this little invitational, which also featured 888poker's Kara Scott and footballer Andy Cole.

The results are impressive and offer a completely new spin on the "immersive" poker experience.

Use the button at the top left to look down at Nitsche's cards and to look around the Aspers poker room, just like Google street view:

Tom Mills, the man responsible for the clip, explains how 360° videos work:

“Basically, it's a video that uses multiple cameras overlapping in their fields of vision to create a 360x180 degree interactive video where viewers can manipulate the angle to see whatever they want.

"Think a real-world panorama that you can explore ... All cameras are preconfigured with the same settings. This is important to avoid any blending issues when the frames are stitched together.”

“Once you have all the footage from the cameras downloaded to your computer, typically what is done is one panorama frame is stitched, then applied to all the video frames from all the cameras to produce many panorama frames that, once compiled, make a 360 video.”


Regulars at Aspers, Plenty Beyond

Now that it's 888poker's official branded poker room, the Aspers Casino runs regular live events at very affordable buy-ins.

The 888Live and 888Live Local series has also now extended far beyond the borders of England and stops all over Europe and beyond.

If you want to play in the Live or Live Local series, check out the schedule and pick your favorite event.

You can buy-in directly or qualify online. If you've yet to create an account at 888poker, click through to our review page to create one in just a few minutes and be eligible for our exclusive $888 sign-up bonus.

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