Wasicka impersonator scams MySpace viewers

Paul Wasicka

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but one person has taken it a step too far by impersonating Paul Wasicka on MySpace and AOL Instant Messenger.

According to Wasicka in his blog, the person is using the poker pro's identity to ask people for money.

The imposter claims to have already collected $25,000 from people and asked for $10,000 when Wasicka's business manager asked the person to take down the misleading MySpace page.

"We haven't decided whether to take legal action, but we are certainly considering it," Wasicka said via e-mail. "It might be fun to take this guy down."

The MySpace and AOL Instant Messenger fraud were brought to Wasicka's attention by people who e-mailed him to ask about it.

"How does it feel? I'm bummed out, but it's not that big a deal," Wasicka said. "Conducting oneself positively in a field like poker isn't always easy."

He continued, saying "There are always opportunities to do the wrong thing and to have someone try to take advantage of my good name makes me feel bad, but I don't think much will come of it."

As for advice on how people can protect themselves from the same thing, Wasicka said there really isn't much a celebrity can do.

"I mean, one can try to grab up the obvious things like firstnamelastname@aol.com, gmail.com, etc.," he said, "but the information this guy is using is copied directly off my Web site."

Wasicka hopes people aren't swindled out of their money this easily by someone, because there will always be "cockroaches" like this who will come crawling out to take advantage of someone's success.

"Ultimately I'm sorry that he's willing to stoop to something like this," Wasicka said of the imposter.

A screen shot of his business manager's correspondence with the MySpace imposter can be seen on Wasicka's Web site at Kwickfish.com.

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