Washington State online gambling stance unchanged

A mix-up at the Washington State legislature earlier this month saw media reporting on the passage of an amendment to anti-online gambling regulations, when in fact lawmakers had okayed a motor vehicle registration bill, reports Casino City Times.

HB 1243 is an effort by U.S. Rep. Chris to legalize recreational online gambling in private residences and soften its Class C felony status in the state.

Though the legislature posted results saying the HB 1243 had passed and was on its way to the governor's office, the vote was actually for HB 1343, the motor vehicle bill.

Reports that the anti-online gambling bill was successfully amended - which included a statement of support from lobbyist group the Poker Players Alliance - are false, a state policy advisor confirmed to Casino City Times.

Strow's efforts to repeal the bill are due to the harsh penalties faced by those who gamble online. Given its Class C status, residents of the state could face up to five years in prison and fines of up to $10,000 for playing poker or making a wager online.

The representative would like to see online gambling soften the seriousness of the crime, bumping it back to its original misdemeanor status held before Washington State passed new gambling regulations last June.

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