Wahlbeck Binks $89,000 on PokerStars

Ville Wahlbeck
Ville Wahlbeck

Ville Wahlbeck celebrated a new poker world champion the only way he knew how last night – by winning nearly $100k in high stakes poker.

Wahlbeck logged on to PokerStars and played 1,577 hands of $50/$100 6-Max PLO against the likes of Benny “toweliestar” Spindler, Jens “Jeans89” Kyllonen and Bamboo100 and eventually snagged a profit of $89k.

The Finnish pro has had a relatively forgettable year but thanks to last night’s victory is up over $150k on PokerStars.

Wahlbeck may not be quite as well known as his fellow Finns Ilari Sahamies and Jens Kyllonen but he did win over $1 million at the 2009 WSOP including four final tables and one bracelet.

He’s been a staple of the biggest high stakes online games ever since and is never far from the big PLO games. 

Wahlbeck wasn’t the only player win big last night as Phil “takechip” D’Auteuil was up to his old tricks taking down $77k. 

D’Auteuil has been an impressive heater over the last few months and has won over $1 million online since September.

Rounding out the top five winners last night were 1II|1II|1II| (+$67k), Tha Giggy (+$53k) and Davin “mTw-DaviN” Georgi ($48k).

Meanwhile for the first time in a while, recent EPT London winner Benny Spindler actually lost money playing online poker.

Perhaps he was distracted by his fellow German Pius Heinz winning the Main Event for $8.7 million but Spindler was the biggest loser last night, dropping a total of $99k.

The German can certainly afford to lose a few sessions, however, as he’s up $981k in online poker not to mention another £750,000 from winning EPT London.

The unidentified Bamboo100 was the second biggest loser, dumping $85k into the high stakes games. Bamboo100 went on a terrific heater last winter, winning close to $300k but has since been treading water. He’s now down to $158k in profit.

GARFIELD25 (-$72k), Dennisaz (-$69k) and Jeans89 (-$62k) were the other notable losers last night.

Be sure to check our online poker stats section for more information but in the meantime scroll down to see a collection of the biggest hands from last night.



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