W. Virginia racetrack looking for dealer school

Voters in Kanawha County have yet to approve blackjack and poker tables, but negotiations are already underway to find a school to train dealers for the table games.

The West Virginia county is set to go to the polls June 9 to determine whether or not to allow the card games, and the Tri-State Racetrack and Gaming Center and West Virginia State University are mulling over possible training programs.

The track is looking to borrow a curriculum from a nationally accredited casino school in Atlantic City. Though the Tri-State Racetrack has on-site training for employees fulfilling duties related to its slot machines and greyhound races, new personnel would require unique instruction.

Virginia Legislature has approved Ohio, Jefferson, Hancock and Kanawha to allow poker and blackjack at racetracks and slot machine casinos if the citizens vote in favor of the move.

Ohio County will also vote June 9 on whether or not to legalize the games and Hanock County is expected to hold their election the same day.

If the bill passes, 1,000 jobs would be created in the counties, including positions for dealers, floor supervisors, money room personnel and security guards.

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