W Snipes wins Poker Stars Sunday Million

6,786 people came to play in Poker Stars Sunday Million this weekend. "W Snipes" won the $215 tournament, and took home $164,356 in prize money.

With four players left in the tournament, a deal that left $30,000 for first place was made, something that the short-stack at the time, oregon, who battled his way up to second place, maybe wasn't too happy with in the end.

As a result of the deal the fourth place finisher, Jonnyboy38, got more money than the third place finisher, killygonza, who in turn got more than the runner-up oregon.

Final table results from Poker Stars Sunday Million:

1stW Snipes $164,356
2nd oregon $65,871
3rd killygonza $84,756
4th Jonnyboy38 $94,890
5th Vera15 $40,716
6th my03hd $29,858.40
7th Runnerspleas $21,036.60
8th LuckyLady519 $12,214.80
9th xTheCreamx $8,007.48

Based on finishing order and four-way deal that left $30,000 for first place.

Ultimate Bet's $200,000 guaranteed tournament drew 924 entrants. dagny0513 won first place and $45,000.

In the final hand dagny0513 flopped bottom pair, and called when stevie444 moved all-in holding only king high. dagny0513's hand held up all the way.

Final table results from Ultimate Bet's $200,000 guaranteed:

1st dagny0513 $45,000
2nd stevie444 $26,500
3rd anakinso $18,000
4th ACERX $13,100
5th JohnnyGstaks $10,500
6th EgonOlsen $8,500
7th DSnyder766 $6,500
8th jmar2112 $4,500
9th KwistzHadrach $3,400
10th Beach Justice $2,000

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