Vote for New FTOPS Event on Full Tilt Poker and Win Your Seat for Free

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Help choose the newest FTOPS event and you could play for free.

Cast your vote now to decide which event will be added to the next FTOPS series on Full Tilt Poker and you could win a seat to the new tournament for free.

Voting is open now at Full Tilt’s MyFTOPS Poll and if you include your Player ID you’ll be entered into a draw to win one of two tickets to the event that receives the most votes.

Choices include lesser-known variants like Irish and Courchevel as well as innovative new structures and formats like the Escalator and Rush.

The winning event will be revealed on Monday, March 3 and will be added to the FTOPS schedule as Event #25 beginning 14:00 ET on Thursday, April 10 and will feature a guaranteed prize pool of $25,000.

The MiniFTOPS equivalent will feature a guaranteed prize pool of $7,500 and will play out Thursday, May 1 at 14:00 ET.

Choose your favorite from the list and vote at Full Tilt Poker now:

  • PL Omaha H/L Full Ring – Slow – KO
  • PL Omaha 6-Max – Super Turbo – 3xMET, Rush, KO
  • PL Omaha Heads-Up – Slow
  • PL Irish 6-Max – Turbo – Big KO (25% of Buy-In)
  • NL Hold’em 6-Max – Escalator
  • PL HA 6-Max – Slow – Double Chance
  • PL Courchevel 6-Max – Turbo – Triple Chance
  • NL Hold’em 6-Max – Super Turbo – 3xMET, Rush, KO
  • FL Stud Full Ring – Slow
  • FL 2-7 Triple Draw 6-Max – Slow

PokerListings Votes for Escalator, Omaha H/L Leading Poll

PokerListings has cast its vote and we’d like to see the NL Hold’em Escalator event added to the FTOPS schedule.

Unlike regular Hold’em tournaments that have a set duration for all blind levels, the Escalator structure sees that duration gradually increased through the event.

Good players want more play at the end of tournaments, where it really counts.

So often in tournaments the stacks are super deep at the beginning but extremely shallow at the end, when they money’s paid out and the stakes are higher.

The Escalator combats this problem by getting through the early stages more quickly and putting more play at the end when it’s more important.

Right now the Escalator is in second place in the polls with 16% of votes cast.

Currently leading is Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Low which has received 24% of the votes. Heads-Up Pot-Limit Omaha is now in third.

Cast your vote now and head over to our comprehensive Full Tilt Poker review to find out if it’s the right online poker site for you.

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