Virginia police hunt for poker game robbers

Police in Virginia are searching for two men suspected in the armed robbery of a poker game last Friday, January 20, it has been revealed. According to reports, fifteen men were playing poker in a warehouse in Manassas, Virginia, on Friday night when an armed robber entered the premises, demanded they give him all their money, and then bid them good night before making off with the cash.

The robber reportedly pointed a semi-automatic pistol at the players and instructed them to lie on the floor and hand him their cash. The victims, all of who were between the ages of 20 and 34, remember a second person briefly entering and exiting the room. In total, the armed thief and his accomplice made off with about $4,000. The suspects are believed to have fled on foot from the warehouse.

This is the second time this group of poker buddies has been robbed in recent months, leading police to believe it was an inside job. The first time, thieves broke into the Fairfax, Virginia, home where the players were competing and stole approximately $5,000 in cash, along with watches, keys, and cell phones. Manassas police are working together with Fairfax officers to investigate a link between the two robberies. Two players present at the first robbery were competing in the Manassas game.

According to the tournament host, "We used to have a place where we could play comfortably seven days a week, and that's been narrowed to two to three times." He added, "There is no question in my mind this was an inside job."

Players involved in the poker circle are notified of tournaments through an Internet invitation system that currently reaches 170 people. At the time of the Fairfax robbery, the list of email recipients numbered 500.

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