Viox Denies Sexton in $1.5k Stud Hi-Lo

Chris Viox
Chris Viox

When Chris Viox beat Mike Sexton heads-up earlier this week it was seen by many as a case of David beating Goliath.

What many forgot was that the Illinois-based Viox has been playing poker for nearly 10 years and was no stranger to Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo or even final tables at the WSOP.

“This is a life-long dream,” said Viox when he accepted his WSOP bracelet on Sunday. “This is my third final table at the WSOP and the two other times I had half the chips in play and couldn’t close it out.”

The Glen Carbon resident stumbled in the early stages of heads-up against Sexton and once again those thoughts of defeat were creeping into his head.

Viox battled back, however, and eventually sent the experienced pro to the rail and took the WSOP bracelet and $200k in cash.

“It was such a great relief to finally win it,” he said.

Of course beating Sexton was the last test in a tournament that drew 606 players. It was an impressive field considering Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo is not one of the most popular games at the WSOP.

Viox has made a career out of dominating some of the lesser-known poker variants and has no desire to change that any time soon.

“I’ve always looked for ways to make money in poker and No-Limit has gotten a lot tougher,” he said. “I think that Razz, PLO-8 and Stud Hi-Lo are some of the softest games thanks to the amount of No-Limit Hold’em players taking a shot.”

Unlike many players, Viox was already involved in poker before Chris Moneymaker kick-started the poker boom in 2003.

Because he’s also involved in an investment business, Viox wasn’t as affected by Black Friday as some of his fellow online poker players but he did mention the win came at a vital moment.

“While it’s definitely not ideal I feel like I was in a far better situation than most poker players," he said.

"Poker players are inherently bad with their money. I feel like online poker will eventually be regulated and this tournament will be a nice buffer for me to get to that point.”

Despite taking down his first WSOP bracelet, Viox has no plans to leave Las Vegas any time soon.

“Since 2006 I’ve been out here for the whole series,” he said. “Nothing is changing this year.”

The 2011 WSOP continues through July 19. For comprehensive coverage live from Las Vegas be sure to check PokerListings’ Live Updates and News.

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