Villa-Lobos, Kuwaiti: WSOP Brazil Would Be Bigger Than WSOPE, APAC

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Villa-Lobos: Growing market in Brazil could be huge.

Brazilian poker pros Nicolau Villa-Lobos and Bruno Kuwaiti are torn about being in Vegas instead of at home for the World Cup.

One thing they're very sure of, though? Poker's future in Brazil will be huge.

So huge in fact should the World Series of Poker decide to expand into South America a WSOP Brazil could outpace the successes of WSOP Europe or Australia.

"I think it can be huge," Villa-Lobos told PokerListings yesterday at the Rio in Vegas. "I think I can see Brazil as the second-biggest market in the world.

"Not now but can be. We are 200 million people and the country is developing, getting money, getting more equal..."

"I strongly believe that you can have a WSOP there," Kuwaiti adds. "For sure it would be bigger than WSOP Europe. And Australia also."

100 Strong But Loud Enough to Be Heard in Rio

While we all wait breathlessly for the move to Brazil, if you're looking for a taste of the country's spirit you can try and get an invite to Andre Akkari's house in Vegas for the Brazil quarterfinal game against Colombia.

The crowd may be smaller, but accoridng to Villa-Lobos and Kuwaiti the noise level is about the same. Watch the full interview with Villa-Lobos and Kuwaiti below; more videos from the 2014 WSOP here.

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