Viktor Blom, Isaac Haxton Go Off on PokerStars, Win $300k+

Isaac Haxton IMG0681

The big games aren’t always running on PokerStars these days but when they are there’s a good chance that Viktor “Isildur1” Blom is involved.

Last night Blom and Isaac Haxton recorded huge sessions on the site picking up $111,570 and $196,432 respectively, according to highstakesDB.

Once again most of the action place in high-stakes PLO and 8-game with a number of noteworthy poker pros in the thick of it including Daniel Cates, Alexander Kostritsyn, Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky and SamRostan.

Isildur1 on the Comeback Trail

It’s been a weird year for Viktor Blom as he rocketed up to $240k in the early stages but then went on a disastrous five-month long downswing that saw him drop close to a million.

Viktor Blom

Since late July, however, Blom has shown a considerable amount of consistency and appears to be edging his way closer to even.

After last night’s score Isildur1 was very close to just -$500k on the year, which is a massive improvement over -$1m.

Meanwhile it’s been mostly smooth sailing for Isaac Haxton on PokerStars this year as he’s now up to nearly $630k on the site.

Last night Haxton played a huge heads-up PLO session against Daniel “d2themfi” Isaacon and picked up biggest pot of the evening honors when he raked in a $65k monster.

Meanwhile Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky, who won $70k last night, remains the biggest winner of the year with $1 million in profit.

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