Villa-Lobos, Farber, Yan Race Go-Karts on WSOPE Day 8

Published on 18 October 2013 by Pokerlistings 202
We're one day away from the 2013 WSOPE Main Event and we decided to get out of the casino to race go-karts with a few of our favorite poker pros. Nicolau Villa-Lobos from Brazil, Jay Farber from the US and David Yan from New Zealand all took to the track to see who could best crush their pedal to the medal. Find out who came out on top in's latest WSOPE daily video.
Matt Showell: Welcome back to Paris. The WSOP Europe is about more than just Poker and today we took some of our favorite players into town for some friendly go-carting action.

Jay: Jay Farber from Las Vegas, Nevada and I'm here to beat all these guys at carting and get the free massage and dinner.

Nickolau: My name is Nickolau Villa-Lobos. I am 25 years old from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and my plan today is go fastest as I [inaudible 00: 01:17].

David: My name is David, I'm from New Zealand. I'm here today to go-cart and go win a race against the other poker players.

Jay: First time I've been in a cart in a long time, but I remember what driving the cart fast was like, so it was fun.

Nickolau: My time was 45.8 seconds, and I rank it first.

Jay: Yeah, it's nice to get out for a little break, and do something fun.