Vancouver Lawyer Jason Mann Finishes 25th in 2013 WSOP Main Event

Published on 15 July 2013 by Pokerlistings 636

Jason Mann is a lawyer from Vancouver who plays a ton of poker. From cash-games and tournaments in Vancouver to big events like the WSOP Main Event, it's safe to say poker is more than just a hobby for Mann. Sadly the Canadian's epic WSOP run came to an end this afternoon when busted out in 25th place for over $285,000. Mann speaks to about what it's like coming so close to the biggest final table in poker.

I don't feel great. I felt pretty good coming into today. Things have been going pretty good in this tournament. Things have been going my way. I've gotten the chips in good, but I've held. Didn't really work out that way today. But, you know, that's fine. There can only be one. I'm from Vancouver, B.C., Canada. I am a lawyer, but I play a fair amount of poker, at least a couple days a week. It's definitely part of my life. I actually didn't know how to play any cards at all until I met my wife. She taught me how to play cards and I started playing some small stakes home games with my friends for 20 bucks or whatever. Just messing around and drinking beer and stuff. Kind of just got hooked on it and started going to the casino, and started winning a little bit, and thought I was a professional. [laughs] Then you lose and you figure out "Wow, I kind of suck." Once I start something I want to get better at it so, I've spent a lot of time over the past couple years trying to get better at doing this.

I really enjoy playing poker. If I decided to one day just do that, I'd have a chat with my wife and she'd probably tell me "No you can't." Yeah, it's really fun for me. I play regularly with my friends. It's one of the more fun parts of my week and I love it. I love the competition. I love the thinking, and it sounds kind of silly but it's sitting at a poker table and everything that happens there is kind of like a micro pause of life. I like it a lot. There's definitely a pride and passion that goes along with any deep run in a tournament. You feel good about the things you did to get there, and the process. A lot of the work that's gone into becoming someone who can do that. Whenever you bust out of a tournament there's no worse feeling in the world. It takes a while and you go back and you analyze what you did and you think back and you think "Well, there's only one person who could win. Everyone else has to lose at the end of the day."

Yeah, I'm pretty proud of my run this year. It's pretty cool, I played well, I'm happy about it. It just kind of stinks right now [laughs]. It's kind of hard to get rid of that sting but, it'll go away and with all the support that I've gotten from people back home. My phone is still buzzing right now, it won't stop buzzing. I'm happy. The result's great, I made 285K for finishing 25th. That's a lot of money for seven days of work, or six and a quarter day's worth of work. People think poker players are crazy because of the kind of money they splash around, but this is really what it's about. It's about competition and trying to do well. The money part is great, I'm not complaining but, for me at least, it's more's more about playing well and doing something I'm passionate about.