UK Pro Chris Kiefert at Battle of Malta 2012

Published on 25 November 2012 by Pokerlistings 554
Chris Kiefert is originally from Birmingham, England but now lives in Malta. A professional poker player, Kiefert made it all the way to the final table of the first ever PokerListings Battle of Malta.
Kara: Chris Kiefert is about to play the first ever final table for the Battle of Malta. And you're actually a professional poker player, most of the field here wasn't, so how do you feel about your chances going in? Chris: I feel pretty good. The play has been quite decent, better than I expected. But as long as I get good cards and some good slots, I think hopefully we'll be okay. Kara: You're obviously British, but you're kind of a local here as well. You moved to Malta when? Chris: I moved to Malta six months ago, mainly for the weather and I'm sure people living in the UK can appreciate that. Kara: What else does this place have to offer? Because we have people coming all the way from the States actually for this tournament. Chris: There's quite a lot of culture actually in Malta. If they visit Valetta and Dina, they'll actually have a good time. Kara: Yeah, it does seem like a lot of the poker players who've moved here are enjoying the warm weather. And there's a big poker community here as well. Have you found that? Chris: Yeah, there actually are a lot of poker players in Malta. I think mainly for tax reasons, or whatever, and obviously the weather. Being a poker player it's quite good on downswings to have a sun rather than misery and rain. Kara: Yeah, it must help a little bit. Now, let's talk about the trophy and the title. I've seen the trophy. I'm actually quite sad that I'm not going to be in the final myself, because I want that. How much do you want it? Chris: I'm actually quite competitive, so the trophy will probably be better for me than the actual money. So I think I would actually be quite proud if I managed to take it down. Kara: Okay, well good luck out there. Thank you. Chris: Thank you very much. Thank you.