Trishelle Cannatella: North America Needs a Poker Reality TV Show

Published on 28 June 2014 by Pokerlistings 672
Trishelle Cannatella has tons of experience appearing on TV shows like The Real World: Las Vegas and she thinks poker could provide a perfect platform for a new reality series. caught Trishelle on the break of a WSOP gold bracelet event to talk about playing poker in Hollywood and what it was like working on Ninja Cheerleaders with the amazing George Tekai. Trishelle tells us about the times she played home games of poker on the floor of Aaron Paul's apartment, before his breakout role as Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad. She goes on to explain that poker is huge in Hollywood and wonders why more celebs don't make the trip to Las Vegas to play in the World Series of Poker.
The World Series is obviously one of the most important series tournaments in the whole world. And over here, you have people from every part of the entire world. And it can be pretty intimidating for someone who is a new player to come in here and have famous pros sitting at your table. But it's also really cool because you get to play with these people, and just the experience alone is amazing.

Oh my god! When I went to Los Angeles, they had a lot of charity poker events. And I final tabled, actually, the WPT Celebrity Invitational and that was a lot of celebrities. And I saw so many famous people that were just so excited to see, Phil Laak, and Antonio, and all these people; and they love poker. I'm not sure why a lot of celebrities don't come to the WSOP and play all the events. I mean, I'm sure the main event will have people. But I know for a fact, Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad, he is a huge poker fan. Before he was even on that show, I played house games with him and his friends in Los Angeles, when he was like a starving actor. Me and a couple of girlfriends and him and some friends were like playing poker like on the floor of like his apartment. And he was just talking about some commercial that he got. And then a couple years later, I see him at the WPT Invitational, and he's like, "Yeah, I have this show that I'm gonna be coming out in." I was like, "That's great for you! Good luck with that." And then, it's Breaking Bad, and he's winning all these awards. It's just really cool.

Ninja Cheerleaders is so funny because the most random people are like, "Oh my god! I saw that." And I'm like, "Where did you ever see this movie?" Like, it was funny because they had me and George Takei as the two people that were the leads in the film. And I didn't even really know who he was, and my dad's like, "Have you never watched Star Trek or whatever? Isn't that what he was on?" Working with him was amazing. He was so nice and so helpful as far as like acting those. I'm a terrible actress, that's why I've done so many reality television shows; but he was very nice and very helpful. And since I filmed Ninja Cheerleaders, I was into his Howard Stern interviews because he goes on there a lot. And he's just an amazing funny person without trying to be funny. Yeah, I love them. George is great.

You know, in France, they have this show. What is it? Maison de Bluff or something and it's a poker show where they all live together, and they have like these sort of I guess poker games or whatever. I don't understand why they don't do that in the United States. As a reality television person, I think that that would be huge and it would be like such a fun show to watch. I mean, yes, we have ESPN that shows the coverage. But I think, just the different personalities in poker, there are so many eccentric people that putting them all together in a house... I mean, it would be very interesting living there all the time.