Tom Hall: “I'm a Little Nervous and the Macau Guys Will be Too”

Published on 29 June 2014 by Pokerlistings 394
Tom Hall is a regular in some of the massive high-stakes poker games in Macau and has traveled to Las Vegas to compete in the second-ever $1 million buy-in poker event. Hall is tight with all the wealthy businessmen that play in the Macau games and he says the ones playing in the One Drop will still be nervous, even though the money might not mean the world to them. Hall explains the politics behind the high-stakes scene in Macau and how special he feels the WSOP Big One for One Drop really is in the poker world. Make sure to check for the latest news and videos from the 2014 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.
A little nervous to be honest. I've played high stakes poker before, but not a tournament of this size and obviously not one of the favorites as far as poker skills go. But I'm going to enjoy myself a lot, so that's what I'm here for.

The Macau guys you mean? For them I don't think it's a . . . again the money isn't an issue, but they'll be a little nervous, too because they're not used to the big lights, you know? Macau we keep the game pretty quiet. It's a little run down area of the casino whereas here it's bright lights, music, introduces, performers. But I think out they they enjoy the show too so I think they'll be excited.

Yeah they . . . in a high stakes game we still have a let's call it "insurance" instead of running it twice and because if you're ahead, there's less bad beats, because you can always insure. If you're ahead you can insure yourself. So you don't get those bad beats that trigger the real bad temper. I remember Doyle Branson saying back in the old days they used to have insurance, but to speed the game up they turned it into running it twice. So maybe we're 30 years behind the times in Asia and it'll evolve over time to running it twice. But I think that's a huge dynamic in the game, and they like action for sure. If you're a needy player you're not going to get invited back. The likes of Durrr and others, they've adjusted the game to play and give a lot of action and still good enough to win.

There's a lot of pros that want to play, it's pretty hard to get in. There's one guy that sort of controls the game there and you need to get to know him and get on his right side and take him out drinking and you might get into the game. It's not really about adjusting your game it's about knowing the right guy to know, or knowing one of the other players that's played there a lot. Whether it's Phil or John Juanda, or those sort of guys. If you get to know them and they introduce you into the game you might get in.

I think what Guy's done is phenomenal, it's . . . an event of this type I think it's great for poker and it's great way to raise money. We do it in a much smaller scale in Asia, but this is obviously the biggest platform. This is the cache event, The World Series is where everyone wants to go. The bracelet's still really the only thing that means anything in poker. The WPT, EPT it's the WSOP bracelets is the be all, end all of everything and I think having this as sort of the pinnacle of that, is fantastic.