The Dudesons Might Put Their Testicles on Your Poker Chips

Published on 27 September 2013 by Pokerlistings 550
The Dudeson's, Finland's answer to Jackass, are at the 2013 Battle of Malta and caught them on video. These guys live the rock and roll lifestyle 24 hours a day but it doesn't look like they have a ton of experience playing poker. BOM host Kara Scott speaks to the Dudesons crew about how they approach the game, and what body parts might end up making an appearance at the table.
Kara: I'm Kara Scott at the Battle of Malta, and all the way from Finland, I have The Dudesons.

HP: All right.

Kara: Hello, hello.

Jukka: Hey, what's up?

Kara: Fantastic to have you guys here. First of all, tell me what you guys do besides traveling around and just kind of causing trouble, which is what I've seen recently.

Jukka: That's pretty much what we do.

Kara: That's what you do.

Jukka: We go around and we break stuff.

Jarno: Yeah, and you got into trouble with us yesterday, so you know a bit.

Kara: A little bit of trouble. Not that much trouble. I'm working here, so I end an early night.

Jukka: The truck was coming your way.

HP: Yeah, we're working as well.

Kara: Well, you guys are actually playing the tournament. And I remember I asked you last night how much poker experience you had. You guys hadn't played a huge amount of poker experience, so I think I'm probably doing better than you right now in the tournament. Tell me how many chips you have.

HP: I don't know. Maybe 20.

Kara: Oh, okay. You?

Jukka: Yeah, I can only count to ten, so I think altogether, I had maybe ten chips.

Kara: Okay, okay.

Jarno: I think I'm in the average, so 50, and I say he's got 20, he has 10.

Kara: Okay, I'm beating one-thirds of The Dudesons in chips right now. That is not good enough. Now in poker...

Jukka: But you know what? This is my secret weapon in poker: my poker face. I got two face presence - hat on and hat off just like Clint Eastwood.

Kara: If you were at my table, I'd be terrified.

Jukka: You can't read this face.

Kara: No, it's like Lady Gaga, total poker face, right?

Jukka: Yeah.

Kara: Now in poker...

Jukka: Or drop it like it's hot, drop it like it's hot.

Kara: He does, doesn't he?

HP: Yeah, he does.

Kara: See, I can tell. You guys all have very different personalities.

Jukka: Yeah, sort of.

Kara: I've pegged you already.


Jukka: I started playing in a tournament like this and the guy was putting his wallet deeper into his pocket like, "Is that guy gonna rob me?"

Kara: Yeah, yeah, I'm not surprised. Now in poker, there's a thing called a last longer bet where you make a bet with your friends in the same tournament to see who actually goes the farthest in the tournament. Usually it's for money, but sometimes it's for crazy forfeits. Whoever busts out first has to do something bizarre or weird. Do you guys have anything set up?

Jukka: Actually Puma Swede. What's her name? Puma Swede, she challenged us. If we drop out before she does, we got to run around naked. But that's nothing you haven't seen yet.

Kara: I have not seen that yet. I have to be honest, I have not.

HP: I haven't [inaudible 0:02:22] anyway.

Kara: So you're going to be running around naked.

Jukka: So he's going to be the first guy running around naked. But that's something that is expected of The Dudesons. So we'll see how the casino will react to it.

Kara: I would love to see how the casino will react to that.

Jukka: And HP might come to your table and put his balls on your chips.

Kara: Really? Because I'm not going to touch them if that happens. I'm just telling you right now. I'm very--

HP: Yeah, that's the magic touch.

Kara: Really?

Jarno: Usually HP puts his testicles to a mouse trap. They are...

Kara: Really?

Jukka: That's a lucky touch.

Kara: Okay. All right, I'll try to dig up a mouse trap.

Jukka: Actually we do have one deal...

Kara: Yeah.

Jukka: ...because Jarno's by far the best poker player from us.

Kara: Yeah, I could tell.

Jukka: So if he's gonna win, we're gonna share it 50/60.

HP: A good deal.

Kara: Very good deal. It's a very good deal. Good luck, guys.

HP: Thank you. We'll need it.

Kara: This is Kara Scott from the Battle of Malta.