The Dudesons Crash Epic 2013 Battle of Malta Day 2

Published on 28 September 2013 by Pokerlistings 728
Day 2 of the 2013 Battle of Malta saw the field cut down to the final 24 and we focused our attention on one of those players in particular. Jukka Hilden, part of the infamous Dudesons crew, is still alive in the event, gunning for a spot at the final table. The PokerListings video crew follows the Dudesons at the tournament plus takes them wakeboarding and cliffjumping on the island of Gozo.
Kara: Welcome back its day 2 of the PokerListings battle of Malta and on today's show, where going to make it into the money. Take you on a boat trip with Puma Swede and the Dudeson and give an inside look at the players welcome party.

The final numbers are in and this years Battle of Malta got a record breaking 888 entries. That means there's more then 430,000 euros in the prize pool with a cool 80k for this years champion. That also means that this is the biggest poker tournament ever held in Malta. 1 player whose had a particularly good day is Finland's Jukka Dudeson. In fact, he's had kind of a crazy day and that started well before he ever sat down at the poker table.

Jukka: I think most of all how I live my life is live hard in your dream. You got to enjoy what you do and laugh a lot. And playing poker, it's a social game for me its a fun game. So you got to have fun there and at some time you got to take risks because a lot favors the daring. So I don't really have a strategy how I play. I kind of know the basics but for example, I had to ask on the table is a straight better than a flush. But I sort of know and the people and they see my hassle, they don't know if I know or don't know. And how could they because I don't even know. So but it's been fun, this morning we got up and went cliff jumping all over the place. PokerListing took us out there on a yacht and we had Puma Swede there pretty much naked. But it was fun to go around and do flips from the cliffs and doing some wakeboarding and all that. So not just the poker but what Malta has to offer us its been great so far and I'm still in the game so I'm feeling pretty good.

Welcome world, I love this. Life is good were in Malta, sun is shining and somebody gave us a boat, full throttle through the shore and crash it.

Battle of Malta is rocking it, treating us real good.

Feels so good.

Kara: Tomorrow we will crown this year's Battle of Malta champion but tonight we got other things in mind. It's the VIP party where hundreds of poker players will get a chance to unwind, have a few drinks, and share some war stories. And it's the second party that PokerListings has thrown this weekend. We kick things off by renting out a private villa overlooking the Mediterranean to welcome our VIPs to Malta.

Jukka: Play poker, have fun, rock and roll lifestyle, that's what its all about.

Kara: This is the Battle of Malta VIP party and things are just starting to heat up in there so its time for me to knock off work and go have a drink.