Stu Ungar Untold Tales: Sexton's Most Important Loan to Ungar Ever

Published on 19 October 2016 by Pokerlistings 240

Mike Sexton was one of poker legend Stu Ungar's closest friends and in the last few years of Ungar's life it was Sexton who provided a lot of support. Sexton was paying for Ungar's hotel room and had lent him many thousands of dollars but it turns out the most important thing Sexton ever did for him was give him a $300 JC Penney gift card to use for back-to-school clothes for his daughter. No one was willing to give Stuey any more money because of his heavy drug problem but Sexton bought him a gift card and Stuey said that $300 was the most important money he had ever received. Bear in mind Stuey had won and lost an estimated $30 million by that time. Sexton told the story during the shooting of's short documentary Stu Ungar's Last Chance Gone Wrong but it didn't make the final cut. Keep an eye out for more clips from the cutting room floor and watch the full documentary at