Sofia Lövgren Folds Jacks Preflop Against Aces, Kings and Queens

Published on 8 November 2014 by Pokerlistings 798
Swedish poker pro and 888poker ambassador Sofia Lövgren is a local and no stranger to the PokerListings Battle of Malta. This year she's had a crazy time on the felt and managed to dodge a serious bullet by folding pocket jacks when three of her opponents had pocket aces, kings and queens. A jack hit the flop but there was also an ace so it's a good thing she was able to let them go. Lövgren chats with BOM Host Maria Ho about what it's like living in Malta, what she thinks of the biggest poker event ever held on the island and how she got her start playing poker. Check out the full video and stay tuned to for more video updates from the 2014 Battle of Malta.
Maria: Hi, I'm Maria Ho here at the Battle of Malta and standing next to me is the lovely Sofia Lovgren. Who I had the pleasure of sitting next to for a while yesterday. And I found out that you actually live in Malta?

Sofia: Yeah, actually bought an apartment in Malta one year ago. I live here now with boyfriend since six months. So we really enjoy to live here and very nice climate and lots of nice people too. And I have a lot of friends here, and its great food and I love to live here.

Maria: Yeah we're really glad to see you back here this is your second year back at the Battle of Malta and I heard that you had quite the interesting hand here and I've seen some interesting plays. So I would like to hear you tell this story.

Sofia: Yeah it was a [inaudible 00:00:55] of my table today. It was my best turn of today, I had pocket jacks and three other players they had pocket queens, pocket kings and pockets aces. They were racing, three betting and four betting. So I came my way from the hand free flop, I was very lucky. It came a jack on the flop but the ace came also, so I would have lost it.

Maria: I know that also this is your second bullet of this tournament and it's had a great turn out. I think we're nearing almost 1,400 people. I bet you're glad that you reentered today?

Sofia: Yeah it's crazy so many players here. So I really give all in this tournament and I'm so happy that I reentered.

Maria: Also yesterday, we talked a little bit about how you got into the game and you told me that your brothers actually taught you but they don't play anymore and I'm sure they don't want to play against you anymore given all your success. So can you tell us how you got into the game of poker?

Sofia: Yeah, I grew up with two brothers, so I'm very competitive. And we were competing in anything and they brought me in to poker and a lot of different sports and games. So I play a lot of home games with them and then I start play poker online and I made a [inaudible 00:02:08] with the game. Now is continue playing poker and I love it.

Maria: Yeah. Well, it's really good to see more women, obviously, out there in the field and of course you've had a lot of success and it's great to see you here at the Battle of Malta, thank you.

Sofia: Thanks, Maria.