Say Goodbye to BrokeLivingJRB if Bellande Wins $1m One Drop

Published on 29 June 2014 by Pokerlistings 458
Jean-Robert Bellande has attracted thousands of fans through by being broke and living like a millionaire but all that's going to change if he wins the 2014 Big One for One Drop. Jean-Robert Bellande has appeared on TV's Surivor as well as a host of televised poker shows but he's still a dark horse in the second-ever $1 million buy-in poker tournament. That said, he'd likely have the biggest media impact if he was to win this tournament. Bellande told that he thinks people can relate to him more easily than other more serious poker pros, and that his fans and haters alike live vicariously through the social media accounts that chronicle his gambling and jet-setting lifestyle. Chances are if he wins this event they'll only have more material with which to live vicariously. Check for the latest news and videos from the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.
One Drop is just a magnificent event. The fact that there is charity involved in it, you know, it keeps One Drop a magnificent cause. No, it gets people to justify coming up with a million dollars to play poker. With the charity and with the difficult players, the tough players that are in the field, it just... this event is more of kind of a fun thing and ego thing. Coming here trying to win the biggest event in the world.

Two years ago, I tried to put up money to get in and I came up $400,000 short like a week before hand and turns out if I'd stuck with it, I probably would've gotten in. So this year I started a little bit earlier, put together the package and here we are.

I did play in the Bilzerian home game and did alright, but that has nothing to do with my playing today. Cash games this summer have not worked out for me overall.

One of the things with me is generally the public out there and poker players don't necessarily view me as your typical poker player. They kind of see me as a guy who did survive or owned a club and plays poker and enjoys it, but they don't see me as one of the, like a vicious poker player. I think people, a lot of the times, can relate to me and when they see my success or failures, they can kind of just put themselves in that same spot. A lot of my fans and haters actually kind of live vicariously through me and sometimes share my frustrations and also share my joy. I think haters and fans alike will be ecstatic if I win this.

Unless I'm irresponsible with the winnings.