Sam Holden Hunting Another WSOP Main Event Deep Run

Published on 11 July 2013 by Pokerlistings 180's Sam Holden is famous for his consistency at the World Series of Poker Main Event and this year he's got his sights set on another deep run. Holden has made the final table of the Main Event before and he speaks with about the most important things to keep in mind when playing the biggest poker tournament in the world.
It's Sam Holden back here. I think every poker player looks forward to this tournament. It's obviously the biggest in the world by quite some distance. The structure is amazing too. There's always a lot to look forward to. I have some great memories here as well.

I think the most important thing is composure and you're going to be here for a long time, a lot of hours; 10 hours a day as well. It's important to play every hand as well as you can and not make huge, huge mistakes. I think people start panicking, perhaps if they did below average but it's still so deep. You've still got so many chips. A lot of pros make big mistakes in there as well. They get frustrated; perhaps there are a lot of famous players here so someone gets lucky on them.

There's another reason I find it really easy to keep composed here is because I'm so happy to be here. I know how much of a privilege it is and that's why I find it quite easy to stay off tilt and keep rational and I would suggest that other people try and do as well. You're so lucky to be here. It was on my bucket list to play in the main event. I was fortunate enough to do it when I was 22.

There are plenty of other people who love it here. A lot later on in life they've, managing to do it for the first time so they're excited to be here and it ends to be a pretty good atmosphere. It's huge all over the world; it's still the biggest tournament in the world even though it's in Vegas. If a British person won the main event, it would be huge. The mainstream media would really jump on board and it would get a lot of publicity and really grow the game.

It's always exciting watching the other British players towards the end of any tournament but especially the main event because it does get so much publicity. Most of my friends in poker are British so I would like them to do well. I'm always routing for the Brits.

There are some Brits whose rails would be pretty extreme. We saw an occurrence when Brits led the other day and it was pretty boisterous. I think it would only be bigger in the main event. Not all Brits are quite as loud. I have such loud friends so we'll see who it is.

The team meditate guys that are here are all really close to me and I'm really close to the American guys now. We've traveled quite a lot in Australia for instance whereas here there's obviously pretty much every poker player in the world so we tend to be a bit more spread out. It's also amazing having people like Jasmine and Shane; they're pretty global superstars in their own right.

I'm a huge cricket fan as well so for Shane to be on the same team as us is great and I enjoy hopefully giving them a few pointers in poker but he seems to be doing pretty well. I think he's made day three already so hopefully I'll follow on his footsteps today.

I'm always optimistic in any poker tournament I play in [inaudible 00:02:47] especially in this one. It would mean a lot. I would be very proud of another deep run. But the main thing is always to play my best. Some things are out of your hands in poker. As long as I play as we'll as I can, I don't really don't mind what results I've had. I've already had my fair share of luck in this tournament so I can't really bank on another deep run. If it happens, I'll be playing my best for sure.