Rheem, Mizrachi, Duhamel Describe Perfect WSOPE Location

Published on 16 October 2013 by Pokerlistings 496
Since the inaugural WSOPE in 2007 the event has taken place in London and Cannes. This year for the first time we came to Paris and according to the players, the new venue has its pros and cons. In our latest daily video show we speak to big-name poker pros Jon Duhamel, Michael Mizrachi and Chino Rheem to find out what they think, and where they would like to see the WSOPE touch down in the future.
Matt: Welcome back to Paris. Today, we take a look at the history and the future of the World Series of Poker Europe. The World Series of Poker Europe has been riding since 2007, In that time, we've been to London and Cannes. This is the first year we've come to Paris. Today we talk to the pros to find out what they think.

Jonathan: Yeah, well, World Series Europe now again in France. I'm pretty happy about that. It will always be something special for me to play France with all our cousins, French people everywhere. It's always a lot of fun. Different from Cannes. Cannes was a very nice city, obviously, it's a very big city. And now over here it's more quiet, but the casino looks pretty big. I just came in today and it looks pretty awesome to be honest. We'll see how it goes. So far the numbers I think are pretty good for that 1K. It's pretty cool. I'm happy to be here and hopefully we can have some good results and some more Quebecers doing well.

David: Cannes is better. Here because, like I said, we're outside of Paris. There's not much to do in this area where the venue is actually held. You could do stuff in Paris, go see Champs Elysee or whatnot, but in Cannes at least if you're out of tournament, you could walk around Cannes, go to Nice, go to the beach, do other things. My suggestion would be if you do have this venue, put it in a nice European city that everyone comes to that at least when you're not playing the events, you can do some sightseeing and do stuff that's close by that's convenient for all the players.

Michael: For poker, this is a great place because there's nowhere to go. But it's a great venue, everyone wants to gather. I think the World Series did a great job setting this up. Paris is 20 or 40-minute drive so no, it's not much of a big deal. If you had to choose between Cannes or here, I will choose Cannes.

Jonathan: My personal favorite is always gonna be Barcelona because I just love that city, and so the casino is pretty big, but the city itself is awesome. They got the beach, got the good weather, people are amazing over there. I think all those factors are pretty important. You got to have to think about the players, but I have to think about their families and people traveling with them. That's what makes a great venue.

Michael: Probably one of my favorite cities probably in Europe is I would say Barcelona. Well, Spain has always been probably one of my favorite countries in Europe.

Jonathan: Well personally I like having the World Series of Poker Europe in France because I always like being in France. I feel like there's a lot of qualifiers that comes into play, so the main event is going to be bigger. If they can make it through Barcelona, I'd be more than happy because it's my personal favorite city in the world, but everyone in Europe. I travel a lot. I love all those cities. For me, weather is important as well because I like to be outside and just do stuff outside. Now it's cold a little bit so we're going to have to play a little more poker hopefully and not go outside too much.

David: For poker players, it's not like we just like to play poker 24/7. For poker players, especially if you're not in America and you can travel to a European city, I want to say most players are going to take time off to travel and see the city, and sightseeing, see what the city has to offer and what not. I would just recommend for that yeah, being able to go out to night clubs and the monuments and whatever that they have for that type of city, that will be good.

Jonathan: The only thing maybe in France is that you're only allowed to play Hold'em and Omaha so there's no mixed game that come into play. The World Series always like to have all those mixed games events. Personally, I just learned those games a year, a year-and-a-half ago, so I like to play a lot of them. That might be ... I don't know if it's an issue, but it's sad that there's no mixed game tournament right now. That might be something to think about for the future. But as long as they have some big tournaments, as long as they have for me personally some big high rollers and a lot of players, big prize pool, I'm a happy guy.

Michael: For a player like myself, I prefer mixed games. I love stud games and for tournament poker I wish we could play another like 8 Game Mix like we have in the World Series. It sucks that's just Hold'em and Omaha. For me Hold'em is already boring. I think everybody knows how to play it so you lose your edge. You don't have as big an edge as you used to have in Hold'em. And I think when we put the other games in, you have much bigger edge against other players that are inexperienced. A great venue would be a place where sunshine, beaches, obviously great day and night life. I'm attracted jut to nice people and if people are nice...I'm always nice to anybody, but you got a lot of places in Europe where everyone's just very, very nice and give you great hospitality. So that would be the venue I prefer to be at.

David: The casino's real nice. It's got a nice Bellagio-style lake view or whatever. It's not so bad. Overall, I can't complain. I came here to try and make some money so that's what we're going to do.