PokerListings Surprises Poker Superfan with Buy-in to WSOP Event

Published on 02 July 2014 by Pokerlistings 344

This year at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas we set out to find the ultimate poker fan, and surprise him with a buy-in to a WSOP gold bracelet event. Meet Joe Fox, a recreational poker player and father of three from Phoenix, Arizona. Joe came to the WSOP with his wife Stephanie who's also a passionate poker player to try to qualify for an event, but after a week of trying he had come up empty. But thanks to Joe will be able to live his WSOP dream and take a shot at his first-ever World Series of Poker cash. Stay tuned to to follow Joe's tournament experience with video updates.

Host: Well we're here at the 2014 World Series of Poker. This is Joe and Stephanie Fox. Both big poker fans. Both big recreational players. Joe, I just want to ask you a couple questions. You know as a poker fan as someone who is really passionate about the game to compete here at the World Series and potentially go deep and maybe win a bracelet one day. How much would that mean to you?

Joe: Oh, it's huge. It would be very important to me. I just, I love the game so much and our home group constantly talks about the bracelet. Super important. She actually played a satellite, she was running better than I was a couple of weeks ago. She cashed in three out of six tournaments. I didn't cash at all. So I said, "You play my satellite. See what you can do." I just wanted her to have a good time at that satellite. I mean, if she got me in, yeah, it would have been fabulous, but I wasn't crushed or anything like that. I mean, I could have played again, but I thought well I'm not running very well so let's just hold off on this trip.

Host: Well, we've got some good news for you. We're very happy to meet such a passionate poker player that we're actually going to buy you in to the Little One for One Drop tomorrow.

Joe: Are you serious?

Host: In the World Series.

Joe: Are you serious? That's tomorrow.

Host: Yeah, it starts tomorrow.

Joe: No.

Host: Yeah.

Joe: Is this one of those funny camera deals.

Host: No. This is real.

Joe: Are you serious?

Host: This is real. You're going in. I've got the money in my pocket. We're going to take you to registration right now.

Joe: Oh my gosh. That is awesome. Wow. Oh my gosh.

Host: Congratulations, man.

Joe: Wow. Registration? Right here? Okay. Come on babe. I got to go to number seven. This is perfect. Registration for the Little One.

Attendant: Little one?

Joe: Yeah.

Attendant: Tomorrow at 12 P.M., on second, in white, table 125, seat [inaudible 00:01:57].

Joe: Awesome. Thank you so much.

Attendant: You're very welcome. You have a good day.

Joe: Thanks you, too. All right here we go. Ready to go. Ready to take it down. Thank you Pokerlistings. You guys rock.