Poker Tournament? More Like Party Tournament – BOM 2016 Highlights

Published on 8 November 2016 by Pokerlistings 530
The Battle of Malta is a poker tournament but sometimes it feels like it should be called a party tournament. This year four big nights in a row pushed everyone to new levels of competitive partying. One reason Battle of Malta is special is that even if you bust out of the Main Event, you'll be too busy with parties and side tournaments to be disappointed for long. Check out the highlight video to see what it was like at Maria Ho's annual karaoke party, the official BOM Cocktail Party, All-In Friday at Club 22 and the Official BOM VIP Party at Sky Club. Join us in 2017 for the sixth-annual Battle of Malta and experience the party scene in Malta for yourself.

Maria Ho: The Battle of Malta is all about poker but the parties are a close second. This year we kicked things off with my annual karaoke night.

Next up was the official BOM Cocktail Party at the Hilton's Quarterdeck bar.

Then things started to heat up with the legendary All-In Friday at Club 22.

And finally, we wrapped things up with the biggest party of the week: The Official BOM VIP Party at Sky Club.