Poker Pro Dan 'dsindy' Sindelar Makes 2014 WSOP November Nine

Published on 15 July 2014 by Pokerlistings 606

Dan Sindelar is originally from a small town of 800 people in Nebraska but moved to Las Vegas to pursue his dream of playing poker professionally. He's been at it for almost a decade and although he's had success in cash games and tournaments both online and live, nothing he's done even comes close to this. In November Sindelar will have a shot at $10 million and the title of world champion. Sindelar's father Bill is a world champion power-lifter and Dan told PokerListings that he wants to win so there can be two world champions in the Sindelar family. Sindelar enters the final table fifth in chips but is certainly considered one of the stronger players remaining. Check out this full November Nine video interview with Dan Sindelar to get to know him better.

My name's Dan Sindelar. I'm originally from Howells, Nebraska, really small town. Town has about 800 people. I graduated from Howells High School and then went to The University of Nebraska at Lincoln. That's where I started picking up poker, just playing with friends casually, just drinking, playing for quarters, nickels, and dimes and then found online poker. Started playing a lot there, then just kept building my bankroll. By the time my junior year rolled around, really didn't go to many classes anymore, just withdrew from pretty much all of them. So I just ditched school and then pursued poker full time from there. My mom was kind of really upset at me actually. She didn't understand the concept of gambling for money. She just didn't think I'd make it out here in Vegas, but it seems have everything worked out, the final nine.

I have been playing professionally for about nine years now, and they all understand, you know, we talk about poker with friends and family and they all understand the game of poker now. We just play it once in a while when I'm back home for a family reunion or anything like that. It means so much when everybody is just kind of like blowing up my text, texting and Facebooking. I want to win just for everybody that's given me all the support. It feels really good. Making the final nine, I mean, this is a life changing experience, no doubt about it. I'm just gonna take it all in. The $10 million price pool that's up top, that's something special there. It's, I don't know, I never really put too much thought about it. I'd just maybe do a little traveling, play a lot more golf, not as much poker, just kind of relax, just take it easy.

When I first sit down for that first few hands at the final table, I'm gonna be a little jittery, a little nervous but I think once I play a few more hands and just get a little more comfortable, get in my comfort zone, I think everything will be all right. I just feel so very fortunate to face 7000 people in this main event. It's just, like you said, it is a once in a lifetime thing. And it's amazing that Mark Newhouse went back to back. I mean, that's just really unheard of with these field sizes now. Winning this championship, yeah, it would mean a lot to me. My dad is actually a world champion powerlifter, so I wanna become a champion poker player so there will be two Sindelars in the family becoming world champions.