Phil Ivey Greatest Poker Player of All Time?

Published on 10 April 2013 by Pokerlistings 15248

Tonight at the World Series of Poker Asia Pacific Phil Ivey won his ninth gold bracelet, further cementing the popular opinion that he is the greatest poker player of all time. Ivey outlasted a final table that included Daniel Negreanu and defeated fellow American poker pro Brandon Wong to win the $2,200 Mixed Event and $51,840. Check out the video for a rare interview with Ivey himself, plus supporting material from runner-up Brandon Wong, WSOP Tournament Director Jack Effel and Managing Editor Jessica Welman.

Matt: Welcome back to the World Series of Poker Asia Pacific. Tonight I've just got three words for you: Phil [bleep] Ivey.

Announcer: Congratulations on your ninth World Series of Poker bracelet.

Phil: I definitely wanted to win this event, especially when I got deep and I felt like I had a chance...because my last six finishes were, those last six final tables were very tough. So it took a lot out of me and I'm happy that I had a chance to finish this one. This is my favorite place to play. I love coming down here. I just love the feeling I have when I come here and the crowd is great. They have great staff, great dealers, and I love coming here.

As I've gotten older I've started to think about my history in poker and where I'm going to stand so it's important for me to win these bracelets. And I'm trying to catch Phil. It's tough, he keeps winning them, and I'm looking forward to the summer.

Brandon: This place would be empty right now if it wasn't for Phil Ivey, so it draws a lot of interest and it's really fun, I really enjoyed myself. Well I'm a cash game player so bracelet, I don't play a lot of tournaments but bracelet would be a dream. I've been close a few times and been heartbroken, a bracelet's always a poker player's dream. And winning one, to be able to win one against Phil Ivey would be great.

Jack: When Phil Ivey walks into the room it's a moment, because when he does you know it, everybody's head turns. They see him walking through and "there's Phil Ivey," you start to hear chatter. It goes from chips to chatter real quick. Phil Ivey's very mysterious. Everybody wants to know what he knows. They want to play like him, they want to be like him. He's truly the epitome of a super hero in poker if there ever was one. The only person I could compare him to would be like a Tiger Woods in poker, or a Tiger Woods in golf to Phil Ivey in poker. The guy is at a level that is above so many others and he plays great and win or lose, I've seen Phil Ivey lose for a bracelet and then the guy that beat him say, "I'm not supposed to beat Phil Ivey."

Jessica: I don't doubt that Phil Ivey will be up there with Phil Hellmuth on the bracelet count in a couple of years. His skill in these mixed events, you have to be good at everything to do well in something like this mixed event here and I think it's just a testament to how good he is at everything that he's here at another final table and I'm sure he'll be at another one in whatever game it may be, he's got a chance to take something now.