Norwegian Best Friends Cash at Battle of Malta 2012

Published on 25 November 2012 by Pokerlistings 698

Daniel Dalsborg and Cato Vonheim traveled all the way from Norway to compete in the first ever Battle of Malta and they both managed to secure a spot in the money. Vonheim made it to 13th before busting and Dalsborg exited the final table in 7th. BOM host Kara Scott speaks with them both to find out what brought them all the way to Malta.

Kara: Daniel and Cato are two friends from Norway who decided to have a look online, figure out what tournaments were happening around Europe and then both ended up in the money here at the Battle of Malta. In fact, Daniel you are still at the final table. Is that right? Daniel: Yes. Kara: How's it been going for you? Daniel: Much better now. With a short stack with 59. Kara: That was about three big blinds I heard you started with. Daniel: When I started, so I'm really happy now. Kara: I bet. And you are also in the money. I believe you are now in the 12th place. Is that right? Cato: Yeah, 12th. Kara: And when you guys decided to come out and play...explain this to me. You can't play back in Norway, obviously, live poker, because of the law. So, why come to Malta? Cato: We were going home on holiday for the weekend and Daniel found out there was a tournament here, so we decided to go here instead. Kara: Well, it seems to have worked out for you so far and, I mean, what a great place to come on holiday, too. Have you had a chance to see anything, because you've been playing poker the whole time? Daniel: Yeah, funny story, we thought that day 1B for me, because I went out day 1A, so day 1B they told me that it was 4 o'clock, the start. So we went down to the beach and into the city from 2 to quarter to 4. So that's what we've seen of Malta when people were playing to my blinds. So, everything else is poker. Kara: So you lost two hours on your first day 1, day 1B. It didn't seem to do any harm, so hopefully it continues to go well for you. Are you going to stay and watch him hopefully take this down? Cato: Yeah, we'll have to support him now. He'll be taking it down. Kara: Okay, well that's a good prediction. Good luck out there, thank you. Daniel: Thank you.