Negreanu: “Haters Stop Hating” on Ivey's Bracelet

Published on 12 April 2013 by Pokerlistings 9034

We caught a particularly excited Daniel Negreanu on a break from the first ever WSOP Asia Pacific main event to talk about poker down under and Phil Ivey's ninth gold bracelet. Negreanu was at the final table with Ivey, busting fourth, so he knows what he's talking about from firsthand experience. Listen to Kid Poker in all his frenetic glory, straight from the floor of the Crown Casino in Melbourne.

Daniel: I'm having fun, I'm just being goofy, not paying much...I'm just having fun! I'm enjoying the game and listening to some good music, Bob Marley, a little Damien Rice, flipping it. Got all kinds of craziness going on. Just having fun being goofy, stupid little kid-like stuff. So far I think they're having fun. I got my headphones in, I'm listening to my own music, and I'm serenading them with all kinds of junk so, so far nobody's complained.

Well, obviously, I came in with high hopes. My goal there was to win second place, third place, doesn't matter to me. It was just really at that point, I mean it wasn't a lot of money for first anyways, so I'm just going for the win. I had an interesting hand come up in Pollum at Omaha where I had the right price. If Phil Ivey wasn't at the table on my left I probably would have folded, but in order to beat him you've got to take all the edges you can get. So I wasn't going to pass that up. So I ended up coming fourth, missing that hand, and of course Phil Ivey went on to win, which isn't surprising to me. I played with him in the entire tournament and he was on my left the whole way and he's solid, when it comes to eight-game formats he's clearly one of the...he's clearly the best at everything, period. But when you add in all the games he's even more-so the best player in the world, and there's really no second place in terms of anyone that's comparable in tournaments and all around.

Well, the bottom line is this, there's been a whole bunch of bracelets that you could argue should count or shouldn't count, and there's a sliding scale of that. There was a bracelet way back when where there were like four people and they gave away bracelets, right? The bottom line is this, before the event started it was a bracelet event, right? The winner of this was going to get a world series bracelet. Phil Ivey wouldn't have been here, Phil Hellmuth wouldn't have been here, I wouldn't have...a whole bunch of players wouldn't have even been in the field and there were a lot of top pros in the field, and it was labeled a bracelet event so it's a bracelet event. What more needs to be discussed? The World Series Europe's there, those ones count, now these one's count. What's with the...what's the...I mean it's just foolishness! There was a bracelet event, somebody won, they won a bracelet. Congratulations Phil Ivey. All the haters and stuff, they're just mad because they can't win squat. That's what's up.

Man 1: Right.

Daniel: Stop hating, stop hating hater!

Man 1: Right.

Daniel: I don't do cocaine, I swear.