Max Steinberg Busted Ivey in Vegas, Gunning for Hellmuth in Paris

Published on 21 October 2013 by Pokerlistings 356
With two final-table finishes Max Steinberg had a great summer at the WSOP in Las Vegas but the highlight had to be busting Phil Ivey out of the Main event. Now Steinberg is in Paris at WSOP Europe and he's on the same table as Phil Hellmuth.
I'm Max Steinberg, I'm with 888poker and I'm here at the WSOP Europe, in Paris. My identical twin brother played poker. We started at 17 playing online poker and we just were into it, just as just a fun game sort of hobby. I played it sporadically throughout college. Eventually I just kept playing and playing and one time when I was 19 I went to Costa Rica to play in, like, one of the first tournaments that I've ever played in. Ended up getting second and at the time I was making good money and decided to go pro and haven't really looked back.

So I started the day with about 90,000 chips, I have about 85,000 now. One would think that I just got there sort of folding and not playing many hands, it's been really up and down. I'm playing at a really tough table, I have Loni Harwood to my right. I also have this French pro named Ludovic Lacay who is very, very good, and I've been tussling with and he's gotten the best of me so far. Also Phil Hellmuth is at my table and he obviously is talking a lot, and I ended up playing a pretty big hand with him that got my set back up.

I was down to, like, 35 at one point and now I'm back at 85 where I three bet him with queens, he called me with sevens and then called the double barrel shove on a pretty safe board thinking that . . . he told me that I was the type who was going to throw my chips away at some point in the tournament and he thought that was the spot, and he was just wrong.

Yeah, I've busted Phil Ivey and now maybe in Europe I'll bust at Phil Hellmuth if, who knows, we'll see. I mean, it's whatever. I just like to win.