Mark Newhouse Amazes with Back-to-Back WSOP Main Event Final Tables

Published on 15 July 2014 by Pokerlistings 3198
Mark Newhouse is an experienced professional poker players who is on the verge of the biggest opportunity of his poker career, again. One year ago Newhouse made the final table of the 2013 WSOP Main Event and somehow he's managed to do it again in 2014. Last November Newhouse returned to the Rio with a shot at the world championship but ended up being the first player eliminated. Going into this year's finale he's third in chips and has vowed he will not finish ninth again. Newhouse told PokerListings what this accomplishment means to him and how much last year's experience will help him in November.
Obviously this is a major accomplishment. I'm the first back to back November Niner and first back to back final tables since Dan Harrington. I feel great about it. I had a couple of guys interviewing me yesterday who asked me, do I feel this is one of the greatest accomplishments in poker? My answer was, I don't like to talk that way about myself. I let other people rate where this falls on accomplishments in poker, but I am very proud of myself and it's an amazing feeling.

Last year I told myself whatever happens, happens. I'm not going to have any expectations. I'm not going to be disappointed, but in reality finishing ninth was pretty devastating.

Who would have thought I have another chance? It's great. I'm in much better position this year. I got some chips. I can play some poker.

Having been there already, it's huge. I just remember the difference between last year and this year. Last year I was very nervous, very excited. This year through the whole tournament, super relaxed, not thinking about it even though this year the spotlight was on me much more and for me personally the stakes are much bigger this year. I just didn't let it get to me. I was just there playing poker, don't even notice anything else going on, don't think about, "Oh, if you make back to back, it's huge."
Just relax playing poker and having been there before, I think it's a very big advantage for me.

If I have a strong finish, I would certainly be done with cash game poker and figure out what else I want to do with my life, what else I want to do with my time. I'm sure I'll still be out playing tournaments, but yeah, I got a shot at some real freedom. Hopefully I can get there this year.