Maria Ho's Top 5 Reasons to Play Battle of Malta 2016

Published on 6 October 2016 by Pokerlistings 716
The countdown to the hottest low buy-in poker tournament of the year has begun and Battle of Malta Host Maria Ho is here with her top five reasons for playing BOM 2016. Reserve your seat now and get a shot at a guaranteed €500,000 prize pool, plus tons of side events, cash games and parties, all at one of the most beautiful locations on the Mediterranean. Last year the top three finishers in the BOM Main Event received over €100,000, all for the low buy-of just €550. Watch the video to see what BOM is all about and join us November 2-7, 2016 for the fifth-annual PokerListings Battle of Malta.

#5 – Amazing Location

I think there's huge value in going to a place where, not only can you play poker and you can have fun, but you could actually explore a little bit. There's history and it's all away from the poker tables.

For me, every year that I go back to Malta I feel like I'm discovering something new that I hadn't before.

So even though it's a small place, you feel like there's a lot of different things you can experience.

#4 – Friendly Atmosphere

What's really special about the Battle of Malta is that people go in with the mindset of having fun and obviously winning money is going to be important but it's almost secondary to that fact they're treating this like a vacation.

Every year that I've been at Battle of Malta I've met so many different people. You can come with one or two people but you can leave with so many new poker friends and I know I've connected with a lot of people at the Battle of Malta.

#3 – Four Different Parties

This might sound unprofessional but I kind of look forward to the parties more than the poker. There's four different parties. There's karaoke and clubs.

I think when you go to these parties you realize that people have a persona away from poker. Whether it's a pro you've seen on TV you got to play against, or just a recreational player you met the day before at your table.

It's fun to see people away from the poker table.

#2 – Tons of Side Action

If they unfortunately bust the Main Event, the best part is there's still many other things they can do poker-wise such as side events and cash games, so if you're really there to get a poker fix, you're for sure going to get that.

#1 – Low Buy-In, Huge Guarantee

For the Battle of Malta Main Event, for just €550 buy-in you get a shot at a €500,000 guaranteed prize pool.

I think now for recreational players, they look at the value of a poker tournament based on how big the prize pool gets, how many players there are, but what that means relative to maybe their paycheck.

I think when you can walk away with a six-figure score when you're just playing for fun, that's amazing for a lot of these people and it's going to change a lot of their lives.