Margets, De Melo Join Forces in Fun-Fueled WSOP Tag Team Event

Published on 9 July 2016 by Pokerlistings 374
The World Series of Poker introduced a new tag team event this summer and we followed European poker pros Fatima De Melo and Leo Margets as they joined forces to make a deep run. 863 teams entered the tournament, ranging from two to four players each, and with a total buy-in of just $1,000 it attracted a field that ranged from big-name poker pros to recreational players. De Melo and Margets have been friends for a long time and when they found out about the new team event, they immediately made plans to play. Margets had just arrived in town and played most of Day 1, then on Day 2 De Melo and Margets started switching out every two orbits. They both said that this event put the fun back in poker and that playing on a team, especially with a good friend, made it way more meaningful than just playing for themselves. Check out the video to see what the new tag team event is like and to get to know two of the most fun-loving poker pros in the game.

Matt Showell: Obviously you don't always get teammates in this game, can be a little lonely sometimes, so what's it like playing this one?

Fatima De Melo: Leo and I have been friends for quite a while now and we're roommates so when we heard about the tag team event we were like, "Oh my god we have to play this one."

Matt Showell: Fatima De Melo is a former Olympic gold medal winner from Holland who's now sponsored by PokerStars. Leo Margets is a Spanish poker pro we first met when she made a mega-deep run in the World Series of Poker Main Event in 2009. Today Fatima and Leo have teamed up for a brand new event at the World Series of Poker that puts the focus on having fun.

Leo Margets: I never thought I would enjoy it so much because we always rail each other, but being involved in the same tourney is really great.

Matt Showell: The new tag team event was a hit with recreational players and pros. We saw teams of top pros all the way down to recreational players who can't afford the buyins of bigger bracelet events. The buyin for the tag team event was $1,000 which means a team of four only has to pay $250 each.

Fatima De Melo: I think it's cool. Some people don't want to play a $1,000 event. For us poker we think it's the lowest one but for a lot of people, they're here with friends and they love to just participate in the World Series so for $250.

Matt Showell: For recreational players it's so much better.

Fatima De Melo: Because were were doing every two orbits we were around all the time. We could have chosen to do like two hours each but then you don't get as involved.

Leo Margets: It made us follow the action so much because we were sharing the hands and we knew what was happening the whole time.

Matt Showell: Fatima and Leo cashed in 33rd place out of 836 teams and even though they had their sights set on the final table, they had a blast playing this new tag team format.

Fatima De Melo: This is how everyone got started playing, with friends as a fun thing to do.

Leo Margets: This enhances the game aspect of poker. We've spent all our lives trying to enhance the skill element but for the health of poker it's good to enhance these other facets.

Fatima De Melo: Yeah it's fun too. You can see people are enjoying it and railing and rooting for each other. So if anyone wants to play with me on a team, instead of her, let me know. (Laughs)

Matt Showell: Is it just you two? What if you made another good friend would you bring them?

Fatima and Leo: No, no, no, no.