Marc McLaughlin: 2013 WSOP November Nine

Published on 19 July 2013 by Pokerlistings 584 gets to know Marc McLaughlin after he made the 2013 World Series of Poker Main Event final table. McLaughlin has the chance to become the second Canadian world champion in WSOP history and is already guaranteed over $733k for making it this far. McLaughlin tells about the poker scene in Montreal and what this opportunity means to him.
Yesterday night was just another day in the tournament. Just want to accumulate chips. Didn't know what's going on. Tournament stopped. I was happy, but didn't realize it. But now with all the media stuff, yeah, the suite, all the texts, all the good vibe, I think I started realizing it right now. It's feeling good, for sure.

I think I get in poker back in high school. I was playing with bunch of friends on my ping pong table. Was really shady stuff. We played every night, I think, and I start beating them at first. And we played a lot and I start wondering if I beat my friends, I could probably beat other people. So I started playing more online and live, and poker treat me well. And I've been doing good.

I went in University in finance and business, and now I'm more of an entrepreneur. I have some businesses back in Montreal, real estate, some stock market, and some business in sourcing with China. And I play poker too. So yeah, I have all kind of stuff going on and I like it. I gambled all those stuff.

French Canadian, it's a small group. We talk to each other and we respect each other, and I think maybe we think outside the box more than other place, I guess, for the proportion of our group. We think outside the box.

Obviously it's a big, big pay jump in prizes, but I really seize it, like chips. I think the whole tournament, I didn't look at the payout. I don't want to look at the payout because I think when you start realizing what's going on, you get out of your game and that's... I don't want to get there. I just want to focus and just play every hand the best I can, win some chips, and see how it goes and where I'm at. If I can do this, I'll be pretty happy whatever I'm finishing.