Luca Moschitta is the Future of Italian Poker

Published on 28 September 2013 by Pokerlistings 504
Italian young-gun Luca Moschitta won the PokerListings Spirit of Poker Award in the "Here Comes the Future" category for best representing a brand new generation of poker players. Moschitta has already won an event on the Italian Poker Tour, and was one of the youngest players to ever achieve Supernova Elite status on PokerStars. BOM host Kara Scott speaks to Moschitta about what this award means to him.
Kara: I'm Kara Scott here at the battle of Malta and I have with me another new winner of an award in the, "Here comes the future category", it's Luca Moschitta from Italy. First of all, tell me what makes the poker in Italy so good. I've only recently moved there myself but I think a lot of the poker community there.

Luca: The poker in Italy is very big, it's a huge movement many's a real sport. Many people enjoy to play poker and Italian poker players during the years become much better. If you come back four, five years ago Italian players were starting to play. Today, Italian players are quite good. There are many good players, many bracelet, many EPT win, one EPT winner actually but we touch the EPT winning many times. And the movement is growing up and it's very good that I'm part of it too.

Kara: I think there are a lot of stereotypes about different countries and how they play poker. People, they think a certain thing of Italian poker players as you say it's kind of a new thing in Italy and they see them as kind of being crazy. But what's the reality of Italian poker players because I just said there are some very good players in Italy.

Luca: Actually I don't think Italian are so crazy. To be honest I play many tournaments in Italy and I [inaudible 00:01: 27] Italian players well. Italian players, I think they are balanced. They are not so aggressive probably outside Italy anyone knows a player like Dario Minieri or this kind of players. Dario created the aggressive style, I think so. So probably we are famous for this kind of game but trust me we are balanced and we are growing up our skill and we are playing much better poker than before.

Kara: There are a lot of Italian players here at the battle of Malta it's close to Italy coming to Malta, but what brought you here?

Lucas: I'm playing Malta first of all because I live very close to Malta, live In Catania it's 20 minutes by flight. It's very comfortable to come here and also it's a very good tournament. It's 800 players, even if they are buying it so low it would be a very big price for the first. It will be a lot of money and I used to play tournaments for its value. The value is the most important thing for our life tournament for a player.

Kara: Well, congratulations on one award and hopefully the battle of Malta title, too. Thanks very much.