Let Grizzie Play – A World Series of Poker Dogumentary

Published on 13 July 2016 by Pokerlistings 1704
This year at the WSOP one poker player is on the verge of making history and PokerListings.com was there to capture it in this new short poker documentary. According to her owner Grizzie has been crushing her home poker game and now she's made it all the way to Las Vegas to take on the best poker players in the world. Watch the inspirational true story of one dog taking on the establishment and bending conventional societal norms until they break. Starring famous social justice warrior Cate Hall and WSOP boss Seth Palansky, this new video will change the way you look at dogs in the poker world.

Matt Showell: Every year since 1970 the World Series of Poker has played out in Las Vegas but this summer one poker player is on the verge of making history.

Tatjana Pasalic: It's always been her dream to play the Main Event. I'm really nervous but I think she knows what she's doing. She'll be good.

Matt Showell: The reason she's making waves? She's a dog. According to her owner, Grizzie's been on a hot streak at the poker tables since she learned to play a couple years ago.

Now Grizzie is in Las Vegas, ready to take on the best poker players in the world. But there's a problem. you have to be 21 years old to enter the event. Grizzie is 24 but that's in dog years.

Cate Hall: I was outraged, honestly. It's just blatant descrimination as far as I'm concerned. It's speciesism, really, because obviously Grizz is never going to grow to be that old. She's a dog. She's going to die.

Seth Palansky: Tatjana, there's nothing I can do. This is a human event and we measure time in human years.

Tatjana Pasalic: It's because she's a woman isn't it?

Seth Palansky: No, I keep telling you. It's because she's a dog.

Matt Showell: Seth Palansky's blatant anti-dog rhetoric was disturbing. But there was nothing Grizzie could do. It seemed like her run to the top of the poker world was going to stop before it even got started. And then, something amazing happened.

Fans started showing up with signs supporting Grizzie and the hashtag #letgrizzieplay started trending worldwide on Twitter. A grassroots movement that began as a tiny ripple grew into a tidal wave of support that not even Seth Palansky could stop.

Tatjana Pasalic: Listen to me Seth. I have the support of the whole world. You can't stop Grizzie from playing the Main Event. It's happening.

Seth Palansky: What are you talking about?

Tatjana Pasalic: I'm talking about Grizzie playing the Main.

Seth Palansky: Is this the dog thing still? You're still bothering me about that? Fine. You want to throw away $10,000 to put your dumb dog in the event, you have our blessing.

Matt Showell: It was a monumental victory for Grizzie and for dogs all around the world. The big day had arrived and Grizzie was ready to play. Nothing was going to stop her run to the top.

Cameras aren't allowed in the room so all we could do is wait, hope and watch the clock.

Tatjana Pasalic: Grizzie walked in, jumped up on the table, pooped on her stack and bit the dealer. She was immediately disqualified. I thought she was housebroken but I guess not.